atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5398: People suck

They really do. Today I managed to have the worst day at work I've had in a long time. It was snowing, big fat fluffy flakes, and by the time work was over I was in no shape to appreciate it. Argh.

Plus side: first snow of the year, and it stuck. I just blew down the driveway. It's probably going to melt, but we got plenty and I liked it.

* * *

So, because I have just about everything else to get done before Mrs. Fungus gets home, SHORT SHRIFT!

Apple announces its entry into the self-driving car market. Their cars will cost 2.5x as much as other autonomous autos, and will only work with Apple-branded tires and gasoline.

American leftists lose their shit over Trump's talk with Taiwan. The bedwetters never saw a tyrant they didn't like, which is why they all loved Castro and Stalin and Arafat and Mussolini. (And Hitler, before he attacked the USSR.)

The EPA is why I detest Nixon.

* * *

Hilarious sound at 2:26:

At first I thought it was the Wilhelm scream, but it's not. An excellent substitute, though! Use it in all your humorous films!

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