atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5402: Well, that's done, finally

It feels like I replaced a transmission, rather than just a washer pump, but it's done. I am way out of shape.

Procedure went as noted in the video posted previously. Bit of trouble with the inner fender liner not wanting to line up once the pump was replaced, but that's to be expected. It literally took longer to reassemble everything than to disassemble it.

Pump for the rear washer (which I never use, since the rear wiper motor is broken) looked to be in about the same shape as the front; I didn't even bother testing it. Tested the front for function before installing it completely; it gave a reassuring whir so everything went back together. Tested with fluid, fluid sprays on windshield again.

Now I just need to replace the wiper blades. *sigh*

I'm glad I was able to get this done today, because according to the weather forecast a week from today it's going to be cold. If the forecast holds up we'll get more snow this weekend, so I think I'd better go get some more gas for my snow blower. I have half a gallon of two-cycle fuel, currently mixed at 16:1 because I didn't check my gasoline supply before pouring oil into the 2-cycle gas can. Another half-gallon of gas will fix that, and then I should be good for a 2014-style winter.

In winter, there are fewer house chores. There are not none. Still, we perservere.

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