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#5405: I don't know why we put up with it.

Democrats have proven once again that they don't give a rat's ass about the legitimacy of their election victories as long as they have a thin veneer of it covering them.

Claiming to be the party of democracy, they are instead the party of thieves, liars, cheaters, and tyrants. 300 votes from 50 voters--all for Hillary--but voter ID laws are "racist" because they might prevent this kind of horseshit. (I notice, in this case, that the voter ID law didn't prevent vote fraud, but it sure as hell made it easier to track.)

It's like, why bother having elections when they're going to cheat? Except that they know they can't stay in power without that facade of "will of the people", that if they outright and unambiguously stole an election the people wouldn't stand for it. Why do you think the Democrats are also the party of citizen disarmament?

Related: This is wrong because SEXIST!!!!!!!!111111one-one and a woman can do anything a man can do, probably better, you neanderthal neo-nazi!
You see, Darwinian scientists understand full well that women are constitutionally weaker than men. It is settled science. Women are less aggressive than men. Women do not react to trauma and threats the same way men do. The list goes on, and Scott details all of the arguments, but, at the end of the day, size matters, muscle mass matters, testosterone levels matter, bone density matters, aggressiveness matters.

And, of course, science matters. Those who pretend that the Democratic Party is the party of science should hide their heads in shame for ignoring the science that tells us unambiguously that men and women are not equally suited to military combat.
Democrats are anything but "the party of science". The Democrat party is the party of "whatever gets us the most power".

* * *

So, today is a chilly December day with a blue sky and sunlight, so the view outside the computer room window is all blue and white.

New washer pump works like a champ. Still haven't got new wiper blades, and as usual the bitter cold and accumulated ice makes the wipers perform about as well as a stick would, but it's the principle of the thing. You know. To fix it I have to roll down the window and catch it on the dwell, to lift it and let it slap against the windshield and dislodge the ice. I've had to do this kind of thing with every vehicle I've ever owned, regardless of age. With the Jeep, if I run the defroster flat out with the heat on max, it keeps them from icing, but then of course I need to roll down the windows to keep from broiling.

Seriously, this was the Jeep Sunday night when I stopped for gas:

I was driving down the road and suddenly realized my headlights didn't seem to be on. No wonder, I realized, when seeing this.

By Monday morning it had changed, looking a little more aggressive:

I have to wonder how much of that melt-off was due to engine heat escaping from the engine compartment, and how much was external. Judging by the look of it, it melted from the inside out.

Ah, winter. Yes, winter.

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