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#5407: You don't get any free time, slacker.

Wednesday I was going to write a second post, but Mrs. Fungus came home, and that was the last time I touched the computer. Now it's Saturday evening, three days later, and only now do I have time. It's been two weeks since Mrs. Fungus and I last played WoW together, and I've only spent a little time playing the game myself.

We've had egregiously shitty weather the past couple of days. It snowed, then sleeted, and then we had lovely freezing drizzle. Today I left work to get lunch and had to scrape ice off my windows. Thank God I got the washer pump fixed; otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see anything on my way in. The Jeep's side windows are white with salt.

And next it's supposed to get cold again.

Well, guess what, Skippy? It's winter! LIVE WITH IT!!

* * *

The DNC emails were not given to us by Russian hackers, but by a Democrat whistleblower.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Democrats and the press BIRM to apologize for lying about it.

(BIRM="But I Repeat Myself".)

* * *

Yes, Illinois is boned, and it'll become obvious when the media starts reporting honestly about the economy, which will begin happening around January 20th or so.

* * *

I will not read anything on a site that forces me to disable my ad blocker. Years ago I went to and got a firkin' rootkit on my system from an infected ad, and it took me a hell of a lot of time and effort to remove it; I am not going to disable my ad blocker to read an article on your site., for example, gets all snarky and pops up a message: "We get it, ads are annoying," it begins, and then pisses and moans about ad revenue and refuses to show any more content unless you whitelist them. I won't do that. Look, guys, your site cannot guarantee that the ads it serves will be 100% malware free--and when I say "100%" I mean actually perfectly clean, not just mostly. I mean no malware at all. The guys running thought they were serving clean ads; I don't visit that site any longer, and won't, because it hosed my system but good.

And so I find it easier just to say, "Well, if I have to disable my ad blocker to view your site, I guess whatever you posted there is not worth my time." Because if my system gets hosed by a bad ad hosted on your site, I can't give you the bill for the repair job, can I?

And Borepatch, being a computer security expert, points to this, which essentially blackholes ad requests, among other things. Nice.

* * *

So, Mrs. Fungus really wanted to see Suicide Squad in the theater, and I was at best lukewarm about it. So she waited, with bated breath, for it to be available to rent on-demand through the cable box, and the other night it finally went live, so she immediately rented it.

...and hated it.

I'm not surprised. You take some of the most psychotic, evil characters in the DC universe and collect them into a team, and make them the protagonists--and then you don't even make them interesting.

They spend time telling us how deadly Deadshot and Harley Quinn are (mainly by having the prison guards talk about how many guards they've killed) and then add a few others for good measure; and then when a couple of them collude to escape, Sir Target Dummy gets his head blown off exactly the way the "good" guys said would happen if anyone tried to escape. This character is literally introduced about fifteen minutes before he's killed while trying to escape. (Special talent: climbing things! Why's that dude not in the Legion of Evil?? He could sit next to Solomon Grundy!)

None of the characters are likable--they can't be, for crying out loud, because they're psychotic murderers!--and even the supposed good guys are utter skunks. The plot was shit, too, and somehow managed to make the impending end of the world boring.

"No wonder this bombed," my wife said.

* * * says 2016 has had 27 days where the sun had no spots. Ready for the next solar minimum?

* * *

NYT has to rent out eight floors of its building to make ends meet. That's how I read that, and it means NYT is doomed, and good riddance to a commie rag.

* * *

Well, they've found source document from which was generated the Obama long form birth certificate.

* * *

Department of Energy doesn't realize they've fallen into a trap. Heh.

* * *

GOod point: Trump's not a muslim.

And this is pretty funny. I mean, what do you do?

* * *

Christmas songs and I agree, the "ting-a-ling-a-ling" part is pretty catchy.

Santa Lost A Ho!!


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