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#5408: Glorious day off

Asked for today off two weeks ago, approximately. Boss hemmed and hawed the entire time. Last night he approved it, and I'm glad, because I spent the day with my wife rather than being anywhere else. A good day for it; current temp is -3°F and it's going to go lower before it goes higher. By the time I have to leave for work tomorrow morning it should be at least eight degrees warmer than this.

So what happened? Got up at 7 AM to hit the can, did a little surfing and reading on-line, then went back to bed until after noon. Got up again, threw a frozen pizza in the oven and played some WoW. Even got to play with my wife for a bit, too, for the first time in two weeks. Then we decided it was nap time, and we went to bed. She's still napping, but when I woke up around 6 PM I decided I'd stay in bed until the time I would normally get home from work on a Sunday night.

I feel relaxed and comfortable again. I needed that day off. After the way Thu, Fri, and Sat went, I needed it. I don't know what it is this year, but customers are just meaner than they were last year. Are they mad that Trump won? Is it the economy? Something else? Or was I just not paying attention last year?

* * *

I have had an idea for a Christmas vignette, but I'm not sure where it's going to go, or if it'll go at all. I actually had two different ideas, and of the two, I think the first one would be better. I don't know yet.

* * *

Another post about ads and ad blockers. My tablet--the Nook, an Android tablet--out-and-out crashes when I try to view some web sites on it. The browser is virtually uncustomizable and since it's a mobile OS you can't block ads on the thing. (Google purposely built the Android OS so it cannot block ads; the HOSTS file for the browser is encrypted and cannot be changed, and the specifications state that browsers cannot have customizable extensions like ad blockers.) So I hardly use it for viewing the web at all any longer, just a couple of sites I know won't crash because they serve no ads, or virtually no ads. The crossword puzzle app I used to use no longer works; there was this or that update, either to the app or the OS, which rendered the two incompatible. I cannot put the former, working version on; if I download the app again it works for one or two days, updates, and dies. There is no way to prevent the updates from occurring.

I suppose, when my Freecell game stops working, I will have to simply buy a new tablet, but I don't enjoy the prospect and should not have to do so. Given the designed-in limitations of the Android operating operating system, though, it makes owning an iPad seem like an acceptable alternative...or would, rather, if the typical iPad didn't cost as much as a good desktop computer. With monitor.

Short of rooting the tablet and installing a custom OS on it, I don't know what I can do about any of this, except resign myself to confining the majority of my web use to the computer.

* * *

So, Friday night I come home from work, and there's a trash can in my driveway. "Did I forget--? No, it's where it should be," I thought to myself, thinking first that I'd forgotten to drag the can up--but every Friday morning when I leave for work, the first thing I do after leaving the house is to bring up the empty can.

I went to look at it, trying to see who's can it was; then I saw the ziplock plastic bag stuck in the hinge.


Me: *sigh*

On the plus side it is--at least, for the moment--voluntary. I don't have to separate my trash. I do have to figure out where to put the recycling bin I'm not going to use at all, though.

Maybe spray-paint the lid the same color as the rest of it and make 'em think it's a regular trash bin. Well, that's something I can worry about later.

* * *

So, looking at nonsense on YouTube, I saw a video titled "Top 10 hilarious Ben Stiller moments". That's funny, because there aren't ten "hilarious Ben Stiller moments". There aren't even enough of those to make a "top one" list.

Him and Will Farrel--just totally not funny, and it's been years since I saw a live-action comedy movie which was actually amusing. What passes for comedy in Hollywood these days is movies which contain an unending series of frustrations for the main character, with a leavening of nut shots and fart jokes. Some will contain scatalogical or sex gags, which are also not funny.


* * *

Today's been a nice, pleasant, quiet day. The upcoming holiday week promises to be laden with noise and confusion, but despite all that I've been looking forward to Christmas as usual. It's my favorite holiday.

It's a week away, and I'm going to enjoy it.

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