atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5409: Rain on Christmas day

That's the forecast. Thrillsville.

* * *

Robo-waifu. I suppose it will find a market somewhere. It's actually a pretty intriguing idea.

* * *

How to get Pale Moon to redirect to Infogalactic rather than using the SJW-converged Wikipedia. Not bad. I'll get after this sometime, maybe.

* * *

Had a pretty reasonable day at work today. And as a bonus I found out that the "pegged oil pressure gauge" thing the Cherokee has been doing is electrical and not a problem in the oil pressure regulator, for which I am just as happy.

Got into the truck to come home, started it, and the gauge went to 80 PSI as it has been every so often. Shut the thing off, turned it on again--not starting it--and the gauge went right up to 80 PSI with the engine not running at all. Cycled the ignition switch again, and it stayed at 0, where I'd expect it to be with the engine off. Started her up and she went to the normal pressure indication.

Pretty sure that's electrical.

* * *

Rumor has it that if they don't get 400 people employed in the call center by January or February, the place will be shut down. All the posters saying "$Major_Telecom" remain, but the ones saying "$Employer" have been mysteriously taken down, fueling speculation that the operation is going to be sold to someone.

I place about as much stock in these rumors as I do in most rumors--I'll believe it when I see it--but these rumors (even as they contradict each other) dovetail with the nagging feeling I've had since about September or so that disaster is looming. I don't know what form the doom will take, but I expect it; after we passed October without the hammer falling I figured we were good until January, anyway, as no one would make a major change like that in the middle of the biggest sales and service season of the year.

I'd like very much to be wrong. Who knows?

* * *

Anyway, my weekend has begun, and I need to get on with the R&R.

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