atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5410: Hey, MTV, I have a couple of New Year's resolutions for YOU.

1) STFU; and 2) eat a bucket of dicks.

I don't need to be told what my resolutions should be, particularly not by a bunch of limp-wristed converged SJW asshats. The video--I watched about a third of it--is nothing but commie-lib bugaboos and shibboleths, and it's 100% racist, sexist horseshit.

Do you want to know what my 2017 resolution is? GET MY F-ING FOID CARD BACK AND BUY A NEW GUN, that's what my f-ing 2017 resolution is. So suck on that, you political correctness pussies. I know you'd like it to be that collection of anti-man, anti-capitalist, anti-American crapola you're spewing, but I have a brain and can think for myself so I don't need your communist, collectivist, idiotic "suggestions".

And if you're going to wet your pants over that--a white American man buying a gun--make sure you do it outside so I don't have to mop it up. Assholes.


The one that really pissed me off was, "America was never great for anyone but white males." That is such bullshit it's not even wrong. If you really think that--if you think America is such a terrible place because you're not a white male--then go somewhere else. Go find your non-white non-male paradise. Maybe you can find it in Africa or the middle east.

Oh! Is that the sound of you not leaving I hear, because nowhere else on earth is as free or prosperous as the United States of America? For everyone, not just white males? Is that why so many people are trying to come here we need to build a wall to keep them out?

Kinda thought so, you snivelling communist piece of shit.

I'll believe that America is a horrible place for women and minorities if we ever have to build an iron curtain to keep them from leaving, and immigration (legal and otherwise) approximates zero--but until and unless that's the case, shut the fuck up.

* * *

So, tomorrow is the winter solstice, Christmas is in five days, and I don't have a vignette yet. And I need to get moving and take care of my errands.

But it's nice and warm, and my computer is a marvelous portal to the world, and it's been eight years since I first tried WoW and I'm not tired of playing it yet.... to go. *sigh*

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