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#5411: I've got all kinds of writing, and baking, to do.

It's Christmas! ...or will be in a few days, and I have a bunch of stuff to get done. But the final form for this year's Christmas vignette crystallized this morning, and I've got a ton of tabs open, so let's get started.

I thought hunter-gatherer societies were necessarily nomadic. I don't see how you can support a "city" full of people without agriculture. Still, interesting find.

* * *

"Fascist" may be the wrong term, but I think there are some serious problems with the Federation. The thing about the Federation: Starfleet doesn't call itself a "military" but it most assuredly is, complete with all the trappings and ceremonies of one.

The video uses the term "fascist" in place of "totalitarianist", I think because it's common for people to conflate the two. Fascism is where government emplaces heavy regulation on private industry (see also "Obamacare") but my feeling is that the Federation is more of a socialist dictatorship: government owns the means of production, and enacts heavy controls on behavior and language.

The other thing to consider here is the notion that the Trek universe is a post-scarcity society. With the kind of energy economy that exists there, why do colonists have to till the soil? Seems to me that settling a planet would involve two things: setting up the first fusion reactor, a big one, to power the first replicator...and after that, running the replicator on "max" for a couple of years to produce machinery and housing and-and-and to accommodate the influx of colonists. (First you'd replicate more fusion reactors and replicators, of course.) Yet instead, colonies are always shown as low-tech worlds where people have to perform physical labor to survive.

Two possibilities: first, that the colonists like it that way; second, that the Federation is a two-tier economy exactly like that of any other totalitarian dictatorship where the "party elites" have access to luxuries, and the proles get to grub in the dirt. So: on a starship, you can have whatever you want for dinner, just tell the replicator...but if you're a colonist, you get to have vegetable stew made from whatever you can grow, and that's it.

(ST:TNG ep "The Survivors", Captain Picard gives the Uxbridges a replicator, implying they didn't have one themselves.)

The video makes a telling point, and it dovetails with my own thoughts on the subject. Which are too voluminous for me to further discuss here, sadly. (Or perhaps not so sadly.)

* * *

The proof of relativity may actually be a disproof. The gravitational waves detected last year may actually contain information nullifying the theory they appeared, at first look, to confirm.

The article is a bit disorganized, though.

* * *

Two from Borepatch:

"Remember, the Democrats think that you're stupid, and will fall for this drivel."

How can California have an embassy? But let California secede. That way we can build a wall at the California border and keep them out, too.

* * *

This article about the decline in US/Russian relations reminds us it's because of their annexation of Crimea and the war in Ukraine. None of which has anything to do with the US or any of its national interests. It's not worth going to war over, so why are we antagonizing them over it?

* * *

America still works because of the people Hillary and her ilk consider "deplorable". And it will continue to work despite the elites' best efforts until they somehow manage to convince the "deplorables" to stop doing their which point the whole thing will collapse, and--like the farmer who "taught" his now-dead horse how to work without eating--the elites will call the "deplorables" ungrateful, racist, sexist, bigots.

* * *

If this doesn't strike you as satanic, nothing will. I suppose to someone who considers abortion just another form of birth control wouldn't be bothered by this, but I don't, and I'm plenty bothered.

Short form: savage death cult uses little girls as self-propelled bombs.

Notice that they sent girls? Do they have any sons? Where did they send the sons? Did the sons get used as baka-bombs, too?

Any cult that convinces people to murder their own children is evil. If you can read that article and not conclude that islam is evil, then I don't know what to tell you except WAKE UP.

If you want to convince me that it's not islam, but a handful of extremists, you're going to have to show me the hue and cry from the muslim world denying this atrocity as the work of muslims. (And I note that when someone shoots up an abortion clinic it's "all Christians" who are responsible--even when the shooter turns out to be an atheist--but islamic terror attacks are always "lone wolf" attacks.)

* * *

Regarding yesterday's rant: today, Francis Porretto talks about something I just started doing on my own, solely out of irritation with the constant drumbeat of leftist horseshit.

And not to put too fine a point on it, leftards, that kind of shit is why you got Trump. Keep it up, and there can be worse things than Trump. Trump is moderate; although I expect good things from him, he's not going to clear-cut the federal swamp before draining it and putting up a Walmart. If you keep pushing, you might get someone who is as hard right as Rush Limbaugh and as hard charging as Theodore Roosevelt, who isn't afraid to use the powers of the Presidency exactly the way the Democrats have, but in the opposite direction. Imagine yourselves having to endure a years-long review of your nonprofit status. Imagine being audited year after year. Imagine executive orders nullifying EPA regulations. Imagine a Justice Department which aggressively pursues vote fraud cases. Imagine your precious sanctuary cities being declared in open revolt against the government and having their federal funding stripped.

You keep whining about Trump, but that's only because you think you're entitled to get what you want always and forever, amen. If you want, we can show you what a real hard-line right winger would do.

Trump isn't a cause; he's a symptom. And if you don't get hep to that fact soonest, you're going to find out that the socio-political ratchet doesn't exist but the socio-political pendulum does. And then "karma hits you in the face like a eighteen pound sledge."

* * *

And now, on to the vignette!

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