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#5413: Thank GOD for autosave as draft

So, LJ went down for maintenance for a few hours, just about the time I was hitting the "post" button on "Outpost". It redirected me to a page telling me LJ was down for maintenance, and I said many bad words, thinking that two hours' work had just gone to the bit bucket. But when I calmed down I realized that it must've auto-saved the draft, so it was probable that I'd only lost some of the work.

That did, thankfully, turn out to be the case.

And so I'm pleased to continue my almost-annual tradition of throwing up a quick-and-dirty Christmas-themed short story of one kind or another. I hope you all enjoy it.

* * *

Self-hating black man sets fire to the church he attends and spray-paints "VOTE TRUMP" on it. Don't hold your breath waiting for the news services who breathlessly covered this story to post corrections now that it turns out to have been a false-flag operation.

* * *

Look: I like Pachelbel's Canon in D, but it is not Christmas music. Stop playing it.

Related: the worst version of Canon in D I ever heard? Last night, on Pandora, my Christmas music channel--"Pachelbel meets U2", which I wasted no time hitting "thumbs down" on. Really needs to be a "nuke this song and never mention its existence again" button.

Also related: Getting very tired of "Greensleeves" aka "What Child Is This?", because Pandora keeps playing it and playing it and playing it; today I hit "thumbs down" to one version of it and the very next song was another version, which I also hit "thumbs down" to. The first of this pair was a version by a group calling itself "Everstar", off their Christmas album "Christmas in the Shire". *whimper*

The "Greensleeves" thing reminds me of the "Little Drummer Boy" thing from this Christmas vignette from a previous year. WTF.

* * *

In fact, here are all the vignettes:

2015, "Wrapping Paper".

2013, "Christmas Dinner".

2011, "Another Christmas Interlude".

2009, "The Sleigh Race".

* * *

Now I have to wrap presents and bake cookies. Fun!

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