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#5417: Won't be sad to see 2016 end

Not even remotely.

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary. Mrs. Fungus insisted that I open my anniversary gift before bed; it turned out to be pillowcases (with new pillows inside), one of those cutesy couples' kind of thing, but I adore it. (Stick figure guy blowing bubbles which turn into hearts, stick figure girl on the other one receiving hearts and blushing happily.)

She's been after me to replace my pillows for quite a while. This is one way to do it. Though I had trouble sleeping with the new pillow, one reason I resisted the change. I'll get used to it.

Spent our evening last night watching about the last half of the first season of Stranger Things, which is vastly entertaining. We didn't have the energy to do anything else.

* * *

Socialism always means rationing.
19 years of stupidity. It’s all the same. After all the money has been stolen from bank accounts and companies nationalized to be redistributed to idiots; malinvested into grandiose schemes of national pride that remain half-finished and crumbling into the Caribbean storms; dumped in to purchase weapons that sputter away their utility for lack of maintenance and purpose; or simply frittered away on propaganda or whatever else the Politburos come up with that morning in the shower (they, at least, still have water), we arrive at the ration card. Stability. This is what the communist regimes say it’s about. Food stability.
It's where it always ends up. Rationing for the masses, plenty for the bosses. Enjoy.

* * *

Given a choice, people will not pay to be propagandized. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Miss Sloane was going to be a massive bomb at the box office. But Ace makes a good point: if you're that desperate for liberal propaganda, all you have to do is turn on the TV. You don't have to go to the movies and pay $15; just flip on CBS-NBC-ABC-PBS-HBO etc. It's all right there, from the comfort of your living room sofa, and no one will get mad at you for texting while you watch it.

* * *

Speaking of propaganda Borepatch very neatly explains how we can bring some truth and sanity back to the discussion of global warming. His proposal is, I think, a highly pro-scientific one:
Remove all adjustments from the climate databases and then allow them back only when justified for a single day at a single weather station. If an adjustment is needed, then have NOAA specify why. And report the last 100 years without any adjustments.
This is science. Making a crapton of adjustments (which always add recent warming!) is not.

Look at the graph. The red and purple lines balance each other out, but that still makes a total net positive adjustment of +0.5°C since 1940 which is the magnitude of claimed man-made global warming in that period.

Sure, it's man-made. It's man-made because human beings adjusted it into the data.

* * *

Remember, eight years ago, how eager the commie-libs were for Obama to be President? Coming up with all sorts of extra-constitutional ways (such as the Speaker of the House "deferring", somehow?)

The Obama administration has been one of the most feckless, asinine administrations in US history. I never thought I would ever see a President who was worse than Carter, and this time in 2008 I was predicting that Obama would be as bad as, rather than worse than, the Georgian peanut farmer extraordinare. Man, was I wrong.

Obama is trying desperately to secure his "legacy"--built primarily on executive orders--from Trump, but "stroke of the pen" cuts both ways as we warned these idiots starting in 2009. Any executive order can be rescinded by the same process through which it was enacted.

Meanwhile, the liberal lunacy, expressed in "Trump Derangement Syndrome", continues to entertain. Love seeing their heads get all 'splody. Saw a bit today about a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir quitting his job because "I wouldn't sing for Hitler!" Gadzooks, these people are lunatics.

* * *

Anyway, got errands to run today. Lots of them. Got to get moving.

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