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#5423: I am in such pain right now

Went to my father-in-law's house yesterday, after work, to make an exhaustive search for vital papers and other things. Did not get home until much, much later than anticipated, hence I am at home today rather than work. When the alarm went off at 6 AM I had gotten, at best, three hours of sleep, and everything hurts a lot.

We did find some of the information we needed. Not all of it. There'll be another trip made, or two, or three, before we find everything we need. I hope they're not all as wearing as that one was. Then again, I was on a ladder a lot, moving heavy boxes around shelves, but that was the only place in the house I should need to do that.

Everything hurts. On to bloggeratin'.

* * *

In case it wasn't already obvious, people who thought Jan 20, 2009 would mean the end of "Bush's war" were idiots. Obama is the first President in US history to be at war for every single day of his eight-year Presidency. That's not happened before.

I remember when Obama was going to bring the troops home and end warns and heal the planet and fix global warming. Strange how none of that happened.

* * *

So, about that shooter in Fort Lauderdale--TSA doesn't work. Imagine that: guy was able to shoot up an airport, even though it's a gun-free zone, and TSA was on the job. But don't profile or anything because raciss, right?

* * *

Good discussion of the Democrats' "Make America SICK again" idiocy.
But the News has been sent. The Republicans want "to make America sick again," even if the signage was inept at making the point. Since Republicans do not actually want to do this, the photo op counts as Fake News.
Indeed it does.

* * *

Nova in 2022! It's expected that two smaller suns will have collided at such a time in history that the light from their collision will reach us in 2022. That ought to be quite a thing to see.

That's five years from now.

* * *

While talking about phones with Og, he sent me this link and I got a good laugh out of it. Esp the comment, "that tuba tried to confess to a murder and we're just laughing at it".

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