atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5425: Learning to fly

You know, when I watch fail videos on YouTube and they include people trying to master parkour, it makes me think of Douglas Adams and his prescription for learning how to fly. He didn't mean with an airplane; he meant just you, floating through the air.

His prescription: throw yourself at the ground as hard as you can, knowing that it will hurt a lot, and hope you miss. Repeat until successful. It usually works best if you're distracted by something mid-fall, so that you forget all about gravity. Paraphrase of what's next: "When you are finally floating, do not listen to anything anyone says to you, as they're going to say 'You can't possibly be flying!' and they will quite suddenly be correct."

So when I see someone jump off a ledge and spin in the air, only to land on his FACE, I figure he must be trying to learn how to fly. Only he didn't miss the ground. Try, try again! Or something.

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