atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5426: Still around, just swamped.

Not Og-level swamped but I am still really busy. Today I must get to bed as early as I can, since I work 8-5:30 on weekends. Last night I came home, made dinner, and we went to bed shortly thereafter.


* * *

Obama bombs everyone, he's okay, but Trump is a hazard to human rights mainly because "Human Rights Watch" would be more accurately named "Communist Shills".

* * *

"California is Chicago with good weather." Which is why I don't want to live there.

* * *

I didn't watch it but apparently Trump flattened the press at his press conference. Good.

* * *

So, the Note 7 debacle cost Samsung about $10 billion per millimeter. Interesting point, that if the phone had been half a millimeter thicker--to give the battery room to expand--the phone would now not be synonymous with "time bomb".


* * *

Well, I may have time tomorrow to hit the keyboard a few more times. Maybe. Maybe not. I need to go to Fry's just to see if they have a good case for my new cell phone; if not I'll order one from Ebay. I also want to get a wireless charging back for the thing, so I don't have to plug it in--just set it on top of my computer and let it absorb electrons that way. (My computer contains a wireless charge pad. Go figure.)

This 21st century sure is something, though.

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