atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5428: U, cabbit! Jeko tio! FUNGAH!

At work the other day I was trying to write "I CANNOT HELP YOU" to an idiot who didn't seem to understand it when I was trying to explain it to him in nicer words. My fingers were on the keyboard wrong, though, and instead it came out as "U CABBIT JEKO TIO". After seeing it, I punctuated it, added the "FUNGAH!" and laughed my ass off.

The mental image, approximately:


* * *


* * *

Well, today I learned that I am the last remaining person from the team I was on last year, when they switched my weekend schedule to mornings.

The option to work mornings on Sat and Sun was offered. It was put to a vote, and I was one of (I think) two dissenting votes; and since then, everyone else on that team has left. The supervisor isn't even there any more. Now, until recently there was one other person who had been on that team, and who would be there early every Saturday and Sunday just like me; she was the last.

But now there's no one else from that team still working there, except for me, and it is stupid for me to continue to do this idiocy, where I have to come home Friday night and immediately go to bed, get only 5-6 hours of sleep, and then drag my ass all over the place all weekend because I'm not getting any frigging sleep. Today I almost fell asleep while driving both to and from work, and I'm done dealing with that horseshit.

Tomorrow I am talking to the operations manager, pointing out that this is stupid, and requesting to have my schedule adjusted to where it ought to be. I'm tired of this.

* * *

Added a couple more pages to Apocalyptic Visions yesterday. I'm not happy with the lack of progress on the story. I need to write more. Maybe if I can stop having to go to bed super-early on Friday and Saturday I'll have a little more time to bang on the keyboard.

* * *

Not much else to say today. It's bedtime anyway.

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