atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5430: Well, Merry Christmas.

So, my wife's real Christmas present was installed today.

For a few years we've had a joke, based on "The Terrible Secret of Space":

Mrs. Fungus took the line, "Please go stand by the stairs," (about 2:14 in the video) and turned it into "Please bring home a Playstation 4." She did this because Square Enix announced that they were going to rerelease some variant of Final Fantasy for the PS4. For several years we made this joke to each other.

While I was Christmas shopping this year, I discovered that due to the march of technology and the pricing thereof, this year I could actually afford to get her a PS4, so I did.

When it came time for us to put presents under the tree, Mrs. Fungus noticed that there were two boxes of similar size and weight there. And when she pointed it out to me, I had a sinking feeling she was right. So, on Christmas Day, when we opened presents, I said, "It's time for us to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Let's open these at the same time."

...same thing, same exact thing, right down to being the Uncharted 4 bundle from Best Buy. I got her a PS4, and she got me one.

She got me the PS4 because I'd wanted to play No Man's Sky, and I got her the PS4 because she wanted to play Final Fantasy. It was kind of funny.

Anyway, a couple days later I took that PS4 back and got her what she'd really wanted for Christmas: a remote starter for her car. But the auto techs at Best Buy were swamped, and today was the first day this year we could get an appointment. She squealed with delight when the autotech showed her how to work the thing.

Anyway, now she can remotely start her car. I can play No Man's Sky.

And the joke has become, "Please bring home two Playstation Fours."

* * *

That was the big chore to be accomplished today, but we have other things going on. We ran errands for six friggin' hours today. *sigh* On the plus side, we've taken another step forward with the estate, and things are progressing.

Sitting in Dad's front hall closet was a friggin' all-in-one printer, brand new, still in the box. He ordered stuff from Home Shopping Network a lot, so there were also a couple of pressure cookers, with cookbooks, in there. I snagged the printer because it includes fax capability, and this will enable me to fax things without having to do half an hour of driving first. It's going to take the place of my Epson all-in-one, when I get around to it, which hasn't happened yet. The Epson will then probably get recycled, since it would cost more to get new ink for it than I paid for it originally.

We went to a locksmith to get keys made, because the second set from Ace Hardware also failed to work. WTF. I get to try them out tomorrow, after work. *sigh*

* * *

Anyway, time to relax.

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