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#5435: Yep: that SS agent needs to be funemployed soonest.

Your job isn't to opine on who holds the office, sweetie. It's to take a bullet for his ass, no matter how repulsive you personally may find it. If you are incapable of doing that, you should quit your job. If you don't have the guts to do that for your political principles, you're just as spineless as every other leftard in this country.

* * *

So: illegal aliens are now "pre-documented immigrants", I guess.

By that logic, people with guns should be considered to have "pre-documented" carry permits.

God bless America, I want to see an end to the libtard horseshit. For fuck's sake, Trump's been in office for a mere four days; Rome wasn't burned in a day and that pendulum has a lot of inertia. It's going to take time, and four years may not be enough. We'll see.

* * *

Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. I think we should let California secede. Then cut 'em off completely: let them generate their own power, grow their own food, and so on. No "foreign aid" for the "Republic of" California.

They'd be begging to be let back into the US within five years. Begging. Without federal money to support all the leftist horseshit, there'd be riots in the streets within a year of secession, and businesses would abandon the state as taxes rose ever higher. It'd be Venezuela all over again. Except the food riots would be held in English.

...or maybe not, considering the prevalence of illegals there, and the state's unwillingness to do anything about them. Actually--come to think of it--within five years of independence, California would probably become part of Mexico. Well, they can have it, as far as I'm concerned.

* * *

Here's hoping Trump will rein in the EPA. See, here's the funny thing about the EPA: although I kvetch and cavail about it, I honestly do understand what its mission is and what it was originally meant to accomplish, and in fact I agree with that original mission 100%.

When Nixon saddled us with the thing, this country was a mess. These days, our air is the cleanest it's been since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. You can eat fish from most major bodies of water now, too, and when you take a walk in the woods you don't have to worry about finding a toxic waste dump.

The typical automobile vintage 2017 is more powerful, more efficient, and incredibly cleaner than the typical automobile vintage 1977. Even if the 2017 car's emissions control system is malfunctioning. The same thing goes for the entire gamut of industry and technology.

But mission accomplished, and for the past twenty-five years the EPA has been expanding its hegemony. The EPA we have now is not the EPA Nixon gave us; it's much bigger, more powerful, and a hell of a lot more intrusive. It seeks to regulate carbon dioxide emissions as well as everything else, trying to make the price of electricity "necessarily skyrocket" in its quest for ever-cleaner power. The problem is that we're past the point of diminishing returns, where we're spending a hell of a lot more money to eke out an additional tenth (or fifty hundredths!) of a percent.

It's a waste. They don't care, since it's government money (and they're the government), but it's having a negative effect on everything else. I saw, the other day, something about the EPA wanting to rush out new CAFE standards for automakers, fixing the average fuel economy at something like 51 MPG. What's the point of that? Oil is cheap and plentiful and the current average is something like 40 MPG; it's time for the EPA to get out of the way and let the market do its thing for a while, so automakers can find ways to build cars that get that kind of fuel economy without costing $45,000 apiece. (Chevy Volt, anyone?)

And this. See, the nice thing about Obama stopping the Keystone XL pipeline with an executive order is that Trump's able to UN-stop the thing with another executive order.

This kind of thing is why the American left is losing its shit over Trump's election. They needed Hillary to be President so that this kind of thing wouldn't happen, figuring that if they could hold out for another four years or so Obamacare would cement the Democrats' hold on power and they'd never have to worry about Obama's executive orders being rescinded. But now they are being rescinded, and not a moment too soon...and that sweet Canadian crude oil coming down from Alberta is going to benefit both countries handsomely.

"It is still unclear," that article ends, "how environmental groups will react to today's executive orders by Trump."

Oh, I know how they'll react:

...which is gonna be awesome.

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