atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5436: Two men, one day, one dumpster

So, Wednesday I hied myself to Dad's house to help my brother-in-law get rid of stuff.

Dumpster was dropped off a little after 2 PM. When I got there at 2:30, brother-in-law had already moved most of the mattresses into it. Then, while brother-in-law worked upstairs on removing carpeting and tile, I went to work in the computer room. The result was--at around 8 PM--a nearly full dumpster.

I hauled about 85% of the crap in the computer room to the dumpster myself. Mostly it was old binders full of obsolete (and probably proprietary) computer source code for mainframes. Most of the actual books were similarly elderly. "Look," I said to myself. "Inside 'Windows Me'! Just what I need!"

Five tall shelving units' worth. Plus all the stuff in the closet, plus all the stuff in the desk, plus more 3.5" floppy disks than I ever saw in one place at one time.

Brother-in-law is a workhorse. At 8 PM I was flat done; in fact, the last load I took to the dumpster, my right knee gave out and I sagged to the ground, beaten but not defeated--but he was still going, working on pulling the bad drywall out of the hallway in the basement.

Even so, I'm pretty proud of my contribution, because I'm woefully out of shape, yet I did a yeoman's job of cleaning that room. If you're really determined to get rid of a bunch of junk, you can do it.

Humorous bit: my brother-in-law took out the kitchen chairs, which were in decidedly poor shape; and in order to maximize what we could get into the dumpster, he disassembled them with an axe. Ditto for the bookcases. He called it "therapy". My wife laughed at that one.

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