atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#544: Too much like work.

After work, a shower, and food, this morning I went to bed. That's kind of unusual for me but I was feeling very sleepy on the way home from work.

Anyway, got up around 11:30, ran a few errands, and then FINALLY got the stuff out of Dad's van. (Well, most of it, anyway.)

The stuff has only been in the van since March (Atomic Fungus #322: Loads, when I went to Iowa and finally cleaned out my garage.

But today the Salvation Army came and got Dad's exercise equipment--a treadmill and a Schwinn Aerodyne--and the basement is a lot less cluttered than it was in March. Progress has been occurring, slowly but surely, and getting the exercise machines out cleared a lot of space. Now there's room for my crap. *sigh*

But the process of taking stuff off a truck and putting it someplace was far too much like the work I do at Target. Argh etc. There's not much I can do about it, though, since it's not going to happen unless I do it; and a full-size passenger van holds a lot less than a semi does, so "F" it. Besides, it just means I'm in shape for it.

Funny thing: when my brother and I were carrying the treadmill up the stairs, the other day, he complained that he had the "heavy" end. When I helped the Salvation Army guy get the thing out the door, I took the "heavy" end and didn't think it was all that damn heavy. In fact, it was pretty light. Then again, my brother is a obstetrician, not a stockboy, and the heaviest thing he has to lift in the course of a normal workday is his briefcase.

Anyway, about 80% of the stuff that was in the van is now in the basement, and in a few days (or months, more like) I'll get the rest out. All that's really left is some furniture, anyway.

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