atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5448: Sinister illness

Don't know if it's stress, or what, but Mrs. Fungus and I have been laid low for two days. Argh.

So, minimal post today just to let my handful of readers know we're still alive, though not happily at the moment.

* * *

Tyson and Sagan do not belong in that montage. Everyone else in there has made a significant contribution to science, one way or another; neither Tyson nor Sagan ever did much more than write books and do TV shows.

As far as I know. I'm willing to be corrected, but seems to me that if Sagan had made a significant contribution to his chosen field (astronomy) we'd have heard something about it by now.

Tyson? Don't make me laugh.

In their places I would have put Feynman and Maxwell. Well, maybe Bohr or Fermi instead of Feynman, but definitely Maxwell. His electromagnetic equations are the whole reason we have things like radio, TV, computers, Internets, cell phones....

Maxwell's contribution to science outweighs the combined efforts of Tyson and Sagan by at least ten orders of magnitude.

But the point of the graphic is apt: if you know who the person on the right is (one of the Kardashian extrusions, unless I miss my guess) but none of the people on the left, you are part of the problem.

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