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#5450: Omnibus

"In a lawful society...." In a lawful society this politician would not be able to admit to various crimes committed by him and his family members without scrutiny from the law. But of course he's really important so he can get away with it.

* * *

People don't care if the schools stink, as long as the wrong people aren't in charge of the Department of Education.

* * *

Felony rioting carries the possibility of a 10-year prison sentence. There is a difference between "peaceful protest" and "riot". That difference must be made plain to those who hide behind the "protest" banner when in fact they are rioting.

Nothing wrong with protesting. Lots wrong with rioting. You do the math. But the people advocating for violent protest against Trump may find themselves shocked at how little tolerance for that horseshit the rest of the country actually has.

* * *

Woman pilot going through divorce scares people off her plane with her inane preflight rant. "The flight was delayed two hours." Do tell.

* * *

Back when she was "Mona" Monroe, pinup model. Everyone has to start somewhere, I guess.

* * *

15 MB of storage, for a mere $2,500! That was more than 30 years ago. Now we complain that 16 GB--a thousand times as much storage--isn't enough memory in a phone. WTF.

My phone has 1,024x as much storage as that hard drive did. FFS. My phone.

21st century, technological wonders, blah blah blah, where's my Mr. Fusion. Etc.

* * *

Colony is worth watching. Mrs. Fungus and I watched the first season and the extant eps of the second, and now must watch in real time like everyone else. It's pretty good. Except....

Well, I have a couple problems with it, a little one and two big ones. The little one is that--as always--most of the suspense in the series comes from the writers not telling us anything at all but letting us have little looks here and there. Seems like more than half the TV series out there work that way.

The big ones--

Okay, alien invasion, Earth becomes totalitarian shithole everywhere. No one knows anything about other blocs (the story is set primarily in LA, with a 300-foot alien wall separating it from the rest of the world) and we never see the aliens. We do see their robotic drones, which kill people for being out after curfew or violating other laws. People, given this kind of power over other people, would naturally tend towards the totalitarian. (Power corrupts etc.) But the aliens appear to encourage this.

But there just doesn't seem to be much inconvenience for people who wish to buck the authority. A terror cell operates unhindered for most of a year. High school kids find--and use, a lot--a way outside the wall. No one appears to be starving, even though food is rationed. It's kind of inconsistent.

The other problem? The alien worship cult. *sigh* The main characters' youngest daughter is being brainwashed by her government tutor to worship the aliens, and of course they all live in an enlightened house with no religion, so the little girl has absolutely nothing to counter the horseshit with, until her mother brings home books on all religions. Gack.

The whole setting is leftist's fantasy world: the average person can either use public transportation or ride a bicycle. The rich and powerful (living up in "the Green Zone") have whatever luxuries they want while the hoi polloi are living a lot more poorly. And of course anyone who goes against the oh-so-benficial tyrant is either summarily executed, sent to a labor camp, or sent to "the Factory", of which (so far) we've had one glimpse.

Decidedly a dystopia but worth watching, even if it has lots of the usual TV elements to it. I've found it enjoyable and the story is interesting enough to enable suspension of my quibbles.

Even better, though, is that The Expanse is back, and it's nice to see something come back to TV that's a lot more science fiction than science fantasy.

* * *

Man, even though I feel better, I don't feel good. *sigh*

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