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#5451: Something like that, yeah.

Too many vaccines at once are the problem. I've been saying this for quite a while, ever since the vaccine-autism link arose. It's not the vaccines themselves which are the problem, but the frequency with which they are administered which is the problem.

Right now we tend to give very young children 2-3-4-5 vaccines at once--right away, six months out of the womb, hitting their immune systems with a lot of challenges right out the gate and all at once. Giving them the same vaccinations at a much more sedate pace wouldn't cause the damage that piling them all on at once does.

As Vox concludes, "One shot of tequila won't hurt you either. That doesn't mean 25 in quick succession are harmless."

Most of the vaccinations we give children these days are, in fact, beneficial, and individually they do more good than harm. But I do believe we're much too aggressive about vaccination, and I seriously doubt that there has been any serious testing done on the interaction between vaccines. "A is safe, and B is safe, so of course A+B is safe!" wouldn't pass muster for drugs; why does it for vaccines? (To borrow Vox's example: a margerita is safe, and a dose of barbiturate is safe. But don't have both. Or, as was seen in an episode of The Knick, what's wrong with combining laudanum and ether? Other than the whole "kills you dead" thing?)

It's better to think of a vaccine as a dose of some kind of drug, and space them out. Remember that even though there are no obvious symptoms, you are essentially giving the body an infection, and the body must be given time to adjust. And what's the rush, anyway? Really, how many children will be exposed to measels and chicken pox and smallpox and polio and diptheria and-and-and before they're a year old? Particularly in 21st century America?

The second comment at the link most closely matches my own thinking on the subject.

So no, it's not the thimerosal in the vaccines that cause the problem, and it's not the individual vaccinations either. It's just too many at once, and too soon.

* * *

Those guys are so stupid! It's ironic, considering the near-total ignorance displayed by the Tweeter in question, that she herself doesn't know WTF is going on. "Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do neo nazis not have google?" Translation: "You know those guys who don't agree with us? Aren't they stupid?"

Again, it's the only joke leftists have. "Ha ha ha, neo nazis, so dumb they don't even know what a swastika looks like, ha ha ha!" Yet she herself is the one who doesn't understand that sometimes people make marks for reasons other than political expression, like--for example--pointing out to someone else, coming later with a big earthmoving machine that there is vital infrastructure between these two points, dig carefully here. The ignorance on display is breathtaking.

And typical.

* * *

Speaking of infrastructure:

Oroville Dam is having problems. It's in California, in an area which has seen heavy, heavy rains over the past few weeks. The dam is primarily a hydroelectric structure, built for power generation.

There are a couple of problems. The first is that the spillway was not maintained correctly, so that when the water level began rising behind the dam and they needed to let out more water than the turbines could pass, a hole was rapidly eroded through the spillway, letting water gush out the side and cause further erosion to the hillside, which (among other things) clogged up the turbine outflow channel with debris. The second is that the emergency spillway was not maintained correctly either.

I learned of this whole thing via YouTube; I saw one video which led me to look at another and another. In one video you see--prior to all this--a couple of pickup trucks parked in the spillway while workers examine some damage to the concrete. This damage is where the breach occurred when they had to open the floodgates wide open.

Another video showed workers attempting to grout boulders and riprap with cement, behind the emergency spillway. The emergency spillway is a low spot beside the dam where water can flow over, if the level gets too high, so that it doesn't spill over the top of the dam itself. The idea here was to prevent the boulders from moving, and to prevent erosion of the hillside at that point.

But what we're seeing here is the failure of the California state government to maintain infrastructure leading to a potential catastrophe. That is the problem; money intended for upkeep instead gets diverted to stupid things like high-speed fail and other lefty causes. After all, when was the last time we needed to open the spillway on that dam? Dams are bad for the environment anyway! They kill fish!

...190,000 people ordered out of their homes. Yeah.

* * *

Same vein: D.C.'s Metro system is used by ten percent of commuters and requires massive investment simply to bring it up to specification. It amounts to a $1,000 per capita tax on everyone living in D.C.

Of course:
Yet the real that rail transit costs far more than anyone who agreed to the compact expected. They were told that the feds would pay most of the construction cost if the locals promised to pay most of the operating costs. But none of the advocates ever mentioned maintenance or capital replacement costs.
No one advocating mass transit ever talks about maintenance and capital replacement costs. They're the biggest costs associated with any kind of infrastructure, because they're costs that recur, and never go away. Stuff is going to break and need repair, stuff is going to need to be maintained so that it doesn't break, it will break faster if you don't maintain it, and even if you do everything right and get really lucky and the stuff doesn't break, eventually it wears out and must be replaced anyway.

It may cost you $10 billion to build a light rail line. It will definitely cost you a lot more than that to maintain it for fifty years. And that's before you start talking about operating costs.

Government's favorite trick is to foist crap on us, then fail to maintain it: and when it goes to shit demand more money from the taxpayers: "Hey, we need to fix this. Pay up." Time for the taxpayer to say, "Uh, no. Just get rid of it."

* * *

Just remember, this person is considered smarter than you by the elite.
[White people] have a higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors that suppress melanin production. They are genetically deficient because melanin is present at the inception of life. Melanin enables black skin to capture light and hold it in its memory mode which reveals that blackness converts light into knowledge. Melanin directly communicates with cosmic energy.
I'll bet you didn't know melanin, a simple pigment, could do all that! Melanin has a memory mode! It converts light into knowledge!

Who knew that black people could photosynthesize knowledge? No wonder Africa is such a bastion of enlightenment and civilization. Hey, they invented the necklace there, after all! And think of all the humanitarians and great philosophers and statesmen that Africa produced.

...yeah, that was probably a little too sarcastic, even for me. I can't help it; that horseshit about melanin converting light into knowledge was so fatuous it doesn't even rise to the level of comic book science. It's like the inane babbling of a program that selects random phrases and sticks them together. Like doing "Mad Libs" when you're at a tween party.

What did I say before, when I was talking about the "swastikas"? The ignorance is breathtaking, yeah. In spades.

* * *

Well, today I have about a thousand chores which need attending. Guess I'd better start moving.

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