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#5457: How'd I end up with the graveyard shift, again?

Ever since they started re-running Bloom County strips on, I've been waiting for one of my all-time favorites to come around again:

Prince Charles and Princess Diana, on a honeymoon trip to the USA, stop at a Holiday Inn. A friend of mine could do the perfect old man voice, and I loved hearing this strip read in it. Since then I've learned how to do a good old man voice, but couldn't locate the text. Now I have it.

* * *

Speaking of old Bloom County strips, this one's politically incorrect so I never expected to see it again:

It's from when the Major and his wife took a trip to Florida, to go to Disney World, but instead ended up on the space shuttle.

* * *

I can hear a robin singing. Spring is on its way.

* * *

Sure, apply deconstructionism to the Earth's shape. (Almost wrote "poststructuralist", which is a synonym which applies to the exact same philosophy in the late 23rd century in Apocalyptic Visions. *sigh*)

What you call "round" or "spherical" is merely the perpetuation of a partiarchal, phallocentric interpretation of reality. The insistence on conforming Earth to a spherical shape is the result of a canon full of dead white males but lacking diversity. "Roundness" itself is a heteronormative concept, accessible only to the cisgendered and privileged class, and while there is a certain utility to be found in the concept of a spherical world, it is not necessarily correct. Anyone who has never left the surface of the Earth, or its atmosphere, experiences it as a flat surface; it is not until one goes into orbit that the roundness becomes apparent. So to a person from the lower class, who has never traveled offplanet, the Earth is in fact flat, and that person has absolutely no conceptual use for the round-world model., that's good; I'll have to use that in the book somewhere.

* * *

"Dumbledore wouldn't have let this happen".

Someone needs to break it to these lunatics that Dumbledore is a fictional character. You might as well carry around a sign that says, "Superman wouldn't let this happen."

It is, of course, part of a larger problem, that being the failure of the educational system to educate people in the 20th century.

* * *

Needless to say, we set another temperature record today. It hit 74 outside. In February.

Weather happens, of course. I'm pleased to be able to ventilate the house a bit, and the cats like being able to sit by the patio door and smell the air.

But owing to a failure on the part of one of her subordinates last night, Mrs. Fungus had to be on call, so our sleep was broken by the occasional oh-shit-thirty call from someone needing detox and/or recovery treatment. I ended up going back to bed after the last post, and I was sleeping so very nicely when a random phone call woke me up. As usual, git didn't leave a message, so I suppose it wasn't even remotely important.

Meanwhile, the insanity here at the bunker continues. Could be worse, I guess.

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