atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5459: Well, no need for that.

So, today I went over to Og's place and worked on the Jeep. Og invited me a few days ago, and I figured it was as good a reason as any, so off I went.

Hit the parts store for an end link, oil change supplies, and rear brake shoes. O'Reilly's didn't have the shoes--inventory system error, no one had bought a set for about six months (!)--so I went across the street to Advance and picked up a set there, then hied on towards Og's.

Stopped at Wendy's for a trio of double stacks--and I think they accidentally made all three with regular-size hamburger patties--then got to Og's in short order thereafter. Started in with the wrenching.

Took a bit to get the driver's side drum off, but once it was off I was incredulous: the brakes were fine, with plenty of material left on the pads. Passenger side was the same story. Og took a look at it and concurred; there was no reason to replace those shoes with that much material left on them.

So while Og went to get some anti-seize compound, I changed the Jeep's oil; and once he was back replaced the sway bar end link. At Og's suggestion I left the Jeep on the ground and just turned the wheels all the way left. Thanks to his help with jouncing/lifting the other side of the truck I was able to get the link on its mount, and then it was a matter of a few minutes' wrenching to torque it down. Easy, in a way it wouldn't have been if I hadn't been in his garage.

Mostly he provided (im)moral support, something I've done for him in the past, so it's all good. The important thing is, I got my truck up to snuff. No more clunking from the front end!

I checked the service log when I got home. The rear brakes have 56,000 miles on them. And their thickness compares favorably with the brand-new shoes. Are the rear brakes even working? The adjusters seem to be okay, so I've no idea why they wouldn't be.

Anyway, so tomorrow or Monday I'll take the superfluous brake shoes back, unused. And if the rear brakes squeak or squeal, at least I know it's not due to being worn out.

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