atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5461: Probably the front brakes, not the rear.

Brakes squealed up a storm today, loud and long enough that I realized the noise could be coming from the front end. Front pads have 32,000 on them, about, which is some 24k less than the rears--but then the front pads do 70% of the braking, so that's not terriby surprising.

Good news is, I took a cue from Og, and have the last set of pads sitting in the box the current set came in, in the cabinet out in the garage, with the receipt. "Limited Lifetime Warranty", so I should be able to get a set of pads for free. Hooray.

Not tomorrow; tomorrow is "get rest of stuff from Dad's house" day. We have movers coming. And once all the running around from that is done, I expect to be too tired to do anything other than flop. And weather the rest of this week is supposed to be crappy.

Well, it's February. It's not supposed to be in the upper sixties! Still, I'll miss this very pleasant weather.

Jeep did a yeoman's job with hauling the trailer on Friday. First time that truck ever towed one (recall it didn't have the hitch when I bought it). Granted it was only a little one, but I don't ever expect to haul a big trailer with that truck. Everything worked nicely. Even with a broken sway bar end, everything was rock-solid and stable.

Now that the broken sway bar end link is fixed, I'm thinking seriously about doing the other side, because the driver's side feels solid and the passenger side feels a little funky. The difference between new and old bushings. (Still have the wobble, though.)

* * *

Riot control how-to. Believe me, riot control is going to be necessary this year.

Hope my next job isn't in the city. Really don't want to risk being caught in some leftist horseshit.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus is watching a movie about Marie Antoinette while I sit in here and bloggerate. Suddenly I hear the opening bars of "I Want Candy" and figure she's changed the channel. Go out there and no, she's still watching a movie with powdered wigs and other 18th century fashions. *sigh* Hate it when they use modern music in period movies.

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