atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5462: Fatigue

Up at 7:40 AM today to meet movers at Dad's house, to get furniture out; then to storage locker to store it, and Mother-in-law's house to drop off a piece of furniture. On the road at 8, didn't stop moving until I got home about 1:40. So, six hours, and 126 miles of driving.

House is now ready for cleanout. Brother-in-law comes next week to get some remaining things he wants; then it's off to the races.

We're getting there. But damn, am I tired.

* * *

Listened to Limbaugh today, something I haven't done for years--happened to tune in on Wednesday the 15th when Mrs. Fungus and I were running errands, but today I tuned in from the get-go.

Limbaugh was talking about how people are getting tired of the lefty-libs losing their shit over Trump.

Here's the thing: the protests, the temper tatrums in general--they're getting old, because there's no variety to them. Each new proclamation from Trump throws the lefties into a tizzy, and it's always The Absolute Worst Thing Ever and it's always Hitler And Nazi Germany All Over Again--and people are getting sick of it because it's not the worst thing ever nor is it anything like Nazi Germany. A lot of it is, in fact, stuff people voted for.

Besides that, Trump is fighting back against the stupid crap, something we haven't seen since Reagan; prior Republican administrations were afraid of what the press would say, but Trump knows they'll say whatever they want regardless of how he reacts to it, and he relishes the give-and-take.


* * *

Journalist says what they all think, saying their job is to control what the people think. Big surprise. And they really don't like it when called on it.

Asshat, the job of the press in a free country is to report the news. All of it, so the people are well-informed enough to make up their own minds. If you think your job is mind control, you are part of the problem; furthermore, the First Amendment does not protect such activity. You minght want to think about that.

* * *

Gee, what a surprise: a tax increase leads to layoffs!

The article is a litany of labor reduction, solely because of that stupid and confiscatory tax on soda.

* * *

Washington Post is awful full of itself. "Democracy dies in darkness", their motto gravely intones. What a heap.

* * *

Man, today is the last Wednesday of February, and it marks the fifth day in a row that I've had a door or window (or both) open here at the bunker. WTF.

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