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#5463: Chores

Dad had a half dozen computers. Tonight I went through three of them. Removed the hard drives from two, they'll be scanned and scrapped separately from the machines themselves, which will be recycled. The third needs a power supply; it came from the factory with WinME on it and Og was saying he had a use for such a machine, so he's got first dibs on it. Otherwise, recycle. Depending on what is on tomorrow's docket, I may make a run to the recycle point as early as tomorrow afternoon.

One to be recycled is an old 486 with a whopping 32 megabytes of RAM! OMG!

Thought one of the machines might have a video card I could use in El-Hazard, but no--AGP, not PCI. Argh etc.


Finally got the Nook to connect to the computer, so I backed it up and did a factory data reset on it. Sadly, that didn't fix the issue I have with my crossword puzzle app not working. It probably won't fix anything else, then, either, like the way the browser crashes whenever I try to read AoSHQ.


Dad had a thing for thumb drives. Went through a half dozen of them, erased them, and tossed two of them. One contained a copy of "Vipre Antivirus" which--from my Geek Squad days--seems to work about as well as a $50 car. Wiped the stick and found it has a whopping 128 MB capacity, so I tossed it. The other one I tossed was an 8 GB stick but its housing got bent, so it's a struggle to plug it in. Once I wiped it, it went right into the trash. I have three or four 8 GB sticks of my own, no need for this one.

* * *

Oh no what would we ever do? A "study" finds that if we crack down on "immigration", it'll cost us $5 trillion over the course of a decade. They mean that our economy, after a decade, will be $5 trillion smaller than it otherwise would be.

First, let's crunch some numbers. $5 trillion over ten years is $500 billion per year. The US has a $16,000 billion economy. That's 3.2%. They are therefore arguing that our economy will fail to grow by 3.2%, possibly leading to recession since it's been a while since we had a year where GDP grew that much.

To which I say: horseshit.

There is no way in hell illegal immigrants--which are the ones we're talking about, here, not all immigrants--are producing $500 billion a year more than they consume in social services. It's just not fucking happening. (And while we're at it, notice the usual conflation of illegal immigration with legal immigration? The open borders people do that because they don't want to differentiate; they want it all lumped together. So when you say you want illegal immigration stopped, they call you anti-immigrant and racist and start hauling out the poem on the Statue of Liberty. Last I looked, that was a sentiment, not a Constitutional amendment.)

One commenter gets it right:
THis study, like EVRY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, ignores the other side of the ledger - how much these people cost us each year. e pay for their healthcare, we feed their children, their children go to our schools, where they eat up valuable teacher time. Some school districts could close half their schools down if there were no illegals, thing about how much less we would pay in property taxes. Then, you take into account the regular welfare payments they suck up, and the police resources expended dealing with all the rimes they commit. The costs of caring for them "FOR FREE" in our hospitals. The higher costs we all pay in car insurance premiums to pay for the cars they total in accidents they cause without insurance. Think of all the resources, the strains on our water supply, our electric grid, all of it.
That's the thing: what we spend on illegal immigrants outweighs their productivity.

But if we need them so much, another commenter has the perfect solution:
What the hell is so hard to understand? If US citizens won't do the work, then Mexicans can be issued work permits to come do the work and then GTFO. If they don't GTFO as scheduled, they get thrown TFO and won't be invited back. It's as simple as that and it's beyond me how that isn't as plain as day to everyone.
It's just that simple. There is no need to let millions of people stay in the US whose sole accomplishment has been to cross the border undetected.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, Trump is not passing any new laws or doing anything but allowing ICE to enforce the laws on the books. It's all we have to do to stop illegal immigration. It's the same way you fix a lot of problems, things like violent crime and corruption and-and-and: enforce the law.

Stop turning a blind eye to violations of the laws already on the books and start sending violators to jail. The crap will stop very quickly.

* * *

Tomorrow is Thursday. I have spent this entire week thinking it's tomorrow. Yesterday I thought, all day, it was Wednesday, even after correcting myself multiple times. Today I keep thinking it's Thursday. WTF.

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