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#5465: Errands and stuff, part 389.9824

Gotta go pick up brother-in-law from airport in a couple hours. Probably need to leave here around 3-ish to get there by 4, but no information on when his flight gets in or anything else. I only know I have to be there around 4.

Then it'll be a day spent at Dad's house, helping B-I-L with what he's loading into Dad's Honda and taking home with him. B-I-L's family is taking the car, a 1997 Civic, as a first car for their oldest son. 20 years old, it's got under 60k on it, and because Dad was a car guy you know it was cared for correctly. Still going to advise B-I-L to change (or have changed) the timing belt. 60k is where that needs to be done, most cars, and given the age of this one I would do that sooner rather than later, good maintenance or not. And Hondas are almost exclusively interference engines, so breaking the timing belt would result in an awfully spendy fix.

So, that's my big plan for the day.

* * *

State of Illinois has sent me a prepaid credit card for unemployment benefits. They scheduled a phone interview (because I was terminated "for cause") but the fact that they sent me the card indicates to me it's probably mere formality. That's on the first; no idea when the actual benefits themselves kick in.

Not yet because--holy crap--it's barely been eleven days since I lost my job. Seems like it's been a lot longer than that! But it's been a very busy eleven days.

I lost half of yesterday to depression; I ran my errands but didn't get anything else done at all, too blue to do anything other than sit at the computer in a funk. Eventually I took a nap, which didn't really help matters any. Well, it's to be expected; losing a job is one of the big stress-causing "life changes" and--especially under these kinds of circumstances--it's not easy to bounce right back up to your feet. Still, I've managed all right, getting a few resumes out here and there, and doing what business needs doing.

Hey, on, I see that the National Guard needs a 13B Cannon crewmember! Think of the benefits! *sigh* But besides that, I found three other jobs that are likely winners. Job hunting and blogging at the same time! I can multitask! And maybe one of them will call me. (And if you need to ask why I'm depressed....)

* * *

In my depression, yesterday, I finally gave up trying to do anything constructive and sat in front of the TV and watched Kimi ni Todoke. It's still just as charming as it ever was, though I noticed something which bothered me.

The scene where Ayane and Chizuru confront Kurumi takes place in a kind of side yard, a strip of grass a few meters wide with the occasional small tree, alongside the school. The other side is fenced in with chain-link fence, and I couldn't help but notice that the fence was drawn wrong.

Chain-link fence is installed so that it's stretched horizontally:

But nearly all the scenes set at this location showed it stretched vertically:

And I have never seen chain-link fencing installed that way. Ever.

But then, watching the show, suddenly in one scene it's installed correctly! Just in that one scene; and thereafter it's wrong again. Kind of like this:

So--for the sake of continuity--the one scene in this entire act that shows the fence installed correctly ought to have shown it installed wrong, because then that would be setting rather than some kind of mistake.

...all of which proves that otaku gonna otaku. *sigh*

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