atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5467: Well, did Trump turn into a newt last night?

Somehow, I doubt it. I recall seeing, somewhere, a very long time ago, someone complaining that she had cast numerous spells in an attempt to be turned into a mermaid, and it hadn't happened; she wondered what part she'd gotten wrong.

Fiver says the would-be witches involved in last night's five-frog curse are scratching their heads this morning, wondering the same.


* * *

Speaking of feckless idiots apparently Occupy Democrats don't have any more access to Google than neo nazis do.

Except that in the latter case, it was a feckless idiot seeing nazis in her own shadow; in this case, it's...actually, it's kind of the same, really.

Earth to Occupy Democrats: the USSR built the Berlin Wall. The USSR built the Berlin Wall because they didn't want their people to leave the socialist paradise. And that happened rather a bit after Hitler was dead.

You see, Hitler didn't need to put a wall across Berlin, because Berlin was all part of the same country, and not split in half. That split didn't happen until after WW2 ended. (Which, not to put too fine a point on it, coincided approximately with the death of Hitler.) Or, in words you might understand, Hitler didn't build that.

You guys might want to check your history before opening your mouths and removing all doubt.

* * *

No errands today, no need to leave the house. Bro-in-law didn't need any help with anything, so I stayed home--which was fine by me considering what a busy week it's been. Seems like I've averaged two trips a week to Dad's house since losing my job. WTF.

Did have some chores, but they're done. Some were tasks which were postponed because I was simply too busy to do them. Today I disassembled the train set and vaccumed the living room, to get up the pine needles from the Christmas tree. (Incidentally, that Frasier Fir we got? Gonna do that from now on, I think. Short needles, and they're soft and not sharp, so I don't end up itching after bringing the tree in or taking it out. And the needles vacuumed up quite nicely with the regular vacuum cleaner, without clogging it; no need for the shop vac.) Cleaned out the fireplace, and moved some of the stuff from Dad's house around. I foresee a trip to the storage unit in my near future!

Weather turned cold; snow flurries today. Don't expect to see much in the way of snow this year. Suits.

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