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#5468: Soiling the bed

Brad Torgerson has some sage advice for the American left: chill out.
Take it from this tinnitus sufferer: constant noises will quickly get tuned out. For the sake of sanity. Right now, the anti-Trump din is getting itself tuned out. There is no modulation happening. It's a 24/7 four-alarm event. People beyond the concrete silo of the "movement" can't be bothered to listen to the endless echo chamber of hatred against Trump, combined with calls for bloody revolution. Especially since nobody calling for revolution has the faintest idea what (s)he is actually trying to incite. Most of the guns and ammunition, as well as military experience, are decidedly on the Trump side. The only reason the Resistance isn't already a bloody smear on the sidewalk, is because the people on the other side of the fence are too polite and law-abiding to call the Resistance on its bluff.
The American left will not heed this advice, though. Instead, they return to the tactics and strategies which they used in the 1960s, thinking somehow that will fix everything, not realizing that the 1968 Democrat convention riots gave them Richard Nixon, and in fact similar idiocy (eg "Black Lives Matter") helped them get Donald Trump.

The Democrat party doubles down on what got them Trump. And the nicest thing about it is, it's splitting the party as the hard leftists decide to take their toys and go home. It means a more prominent Green party and a less prominent Democrat party; since they're splitting approximately 50% of the vote, though, it ought to mean irrelevance for both of them for several election cycles to come. (Though it should be noted that when a party has a major split like that, one fragment withers on the vine as the other emerges stronger. Whig Party, anyone?)

And like Obama, Hillary has promised she'll be there "every step of the way". That's good news for Trump because the kind of campaign Hillary ran is eminently beatable, and the woman herself is the exemplar of everything that's wrong with the Democrat party.

That link concludes by telling us that playing the "No Mention of Trump" drinking game with Oscar winners will leave you at 100% Monday morning, no hangover or anything. When I was listening to Limbaugh last week, he was talking about the fact that the general populace is getting tired of all the anti-Trump hysteria. Torgerson touches on that issue, as well, and it's inevitable that sort of thing would happen with the constant triphammer we've seen from the left.

And man, I never would have predicted this level of insanity, even from leftists. Every week--every day is a new crisis for them, and they just go nuts. "Shitting the bed" is putting it nicely; what we've seen from the left this year has been rocket-propelled, explosive diarrhea of a kind not seen in the US since the 1960s, nothing more than a clear and obvious temper tantrum that their gal didn't win the election. Like the incessant cries of "racism!" from the Democrats, it's losing its effectiveness from overuse. It just isn't working.

Democrat response is to double down on it. The calls for "war" and "resistance" and so on are a bluff, propaganda meant to scare people...but it's not working. People aren't scared. They're bored, fed up with the lefty horseshit. And anyone with a brain knows what will happen if leftists really try to have a revolution or a civil war over the election of Donald Trump: they will lose, badly.

It would be a marvelous thing for California to secede from the US, because it's a pustule on our backside, but it won't happen. California won't vote to secede, because then they must become wholly responsible for themselves, and no Uncle Sam to bail them out when there's a problem. The Independent Republic of California would no longer be able to spend money on social projects at the rate it currently does, and dollars to donuts the little country would build a wall higher than Trump's wall to prevent further influx of immigrants. They wouldn't be able to afford it.

"California sends more money to D.C. than it gets back! It's one of a few states like that!" Yet Governor Brown asked D.C. for money to help with the Oroville Dam problem.

I don't think secession is likely. If it were to happen, some other states would also secede, though (Texas) and it would be a big mess. I don't know how a modern President would react to secession; the only example we have is Lincoln and he was effectively a (mostly) benign tyrant. (There's a screed in there somewhere: Democrats enjoy being treated like a bitch, because they revere a Republican President who bitchslapped their secessionist asses back in line, and ignored half the Bill of Rights in the process. Maybe someday I'll have occasion to revisit that line of thought.)

TL;DR: most people sick and tired of Democrat temper tantrums over Trump's Presidency.

* * *

Sending men back to the Moon, but not to land because we don't have anything that can land there. It would certainly be better than just putting people in low Earth orbit to visit the ISS Boondoggle, of course, but it's risky. What was NASA's preferred "loss of crew" risk, under 1 in 270? What's the risk for this kind of mission? How does it compare to any ride on the Space Shuttle, which carried a de facto risk of 1 in 50?

Still, I do think NASA should not be in the business of developing rockets. They should just buy launches, because comapnies like SpaceX can do it cheaper, faster, better, and safer than they can.

* * *

It's very difficult to feel sorry for dead terrorists. Okay, Egypt used poison gas on some Hamas operatives who were trying to repair a tunnel which was used to smuggle weapons and terrorists into Gaza from the Sinai Peninsula. I don't see why this is "uncivilized". The terrorists are using the tunnels to commit acts of war.

We use poison gas to get rid of moles which aren't even as pesky as islamic terrorists are. I fail to see why it's okay to gas out rodents which are just doing their thing according to the laws of nature, but it's not okay to gas out rodents which are...oh, wait. Not okay to gas out people who act like rode-- Damn it.

Not okay to gas out islamic savages who perpetrate terrorist attacks on unarmed people? Why?

* * *

This cat doesn't look very happy. Covered in styrofoam pellets. Heh.

About like that, yeah.

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