atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5471: Well, spiffy!

Thank God I didn't have a wreck or anything.


Car insurance bill came due Dec 21. Payday was Dec 23, the Friday before a very busy holiday weekend where I would have to work and try to cram in what celebration I could around it; I intended to sit down on Tue, Dec 27 and pay bills.

Sun, Dec 25, of course, I got the call that Dad had died...and the rest of 2016 was a mad scramble. And paying the car insurance got lost in the shuffle.

SO: last night I go online to pay the house insurance, and can't find anything about my car insurance. Only homeowner's and motorcycle show up. WTF?

...then I look at the PDF of the bill, and OH, SHIT I've been driving without car insurance for how long?...

Plus side, just called the insurance agency, and they were able to reinstate the policy--I had until the 5th to do that--so no worries. All is well.

Still, WTF, man. Holy crap.

* * *

Wow, this is breathtakingly stupid. It's wrong to refer to a child who cannot speak as "he" or "she" because the child can't say what his "preferred gender" is, so we should refer to the child as "babyself" or "toddlerself" until the kid can identify his "preferred gender". Otherwise you run the risk of mis-gendering the kid, you nazi!

If it were meant as a joke, it would be hilarious, but this dickhead is serious with this horseshit.

* * *

Apple charges for Mac OS updates? WTF.

* * *

Well: my bills are paid until the end of the month, which is good, because I have no money left. Need to get that unemployment insurance coming in ASAP. Two hours until they call. Whee!

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