atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5472: What I hate about job hunting

When you get up in the morning and check your e-mail, and see "Request for interview" in the Subject line...then clicking into the body of the e-mail and finding that it's about selling life insurance.


Look: if I wanted to sell insurance for a living I'd already be doing it. But I don't, for a variety of reasons (one being that I am a lousy salesman) and my lack of interest in a sales career is complete.

Of course, since this isn't my first time at this rodeo I already know what I'm clicking when I click it, and am merely making sure it's not something else with an unfortunate choice of title--but my sensors are pretty finely calibrated and I'm not wrong.

ADDENDUM: Oh, and add "Mystery Shopper" spam to that list. Argh etc. END ADDENDUM

* * *

So: unemployment people never called yesterday. I had my phone next to me the entire afternoon, no one ever called. Imagine my shock when I called them at 4 PM I was told that my file was notated to the effect that they had called me and got no answer.

Government. *rolleyes*

Plus side: the rep I spoke to told me that the agent tasked with conducting the interview also reviewed my file and determined that no interview was needed as I'd given enough information on my initial request for unemployment, and approved it, so I'll be receiving money shortly. Which is good because--as noted yesterday--I'm just about bust.

But a miracle happened yesterday. After talking to my insurance folks and getting the Jeep insurance reinstated (and having to pay most of what I had left in my checking account to do it) I was sitting here all freaked out over having no money, and worried about saying the wrong thing in the interview, and getting anxious and upset. Then I reminded myself that all this month's bills are paid. There's a remaining balance on the gas bill, but electricity is paid in full; all the various insurance policies I have are paid up; the rent on the storage locker is paid; there's gas in the Jeep's tank and I have a few sheckels left for more when I need it. My last paycheck included a $370 bonus from December, because I'd processed enough upgrade orders that I got $20 for each of them--yeah, my performance just stinks, doesn't it?--and that extra-large paycheck was enough to handle everything that needed handling in the past couple of weeks plus let me correct for my insurance oversight and pay the early March bills on time. No bills left to pay until much later this month, after I've started getting unemployment.

...reminding myself of this took away all the anxiety, and I suddenly relaxed and felt happy. It's true, you know: expressing gratitude for what you have makes you a hell of a lot happier than worrying about what you don't have.

Just another reminder that God loves you and wants you to be happy.

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