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#5477: Everything hurts.

Every time I go to that house, the next day I am a wreck. This is so because I go there to work; even though my main job yesterday was to direct the efforts of others, I can't just stand around doing nothing, so I did some odd jobs (part of the cleanup effort) rather than be idle.

The last few things I needed to get out of the house consisted of a dorm fridge, a very nice stepladder, Dad's toolbox, and some sundry items. I also got the old console TV out of the basement and into the garage, so when it's time to recycle it I don't have to move it as far. The TV was the heaviest thing I moved, though I didn't need to lift it to move it; I just scooted it along the floor.

Also took down the curtains. The curtains in the living room were shot; anyway they matched the ugly "goldenrod" shag that was too badly stained to be cleaned, even before all this.

...but the result is that I'm aching all over. It's not just the work yesterday; it's the work Wednesday, and the work I did on Thursday, cleaning out the truck for Friday's load, and other miscellanious chores around the house that required moving and bending and reaching and-and-and.

The only things left at the house now are, as I said, groundskeeping tools, and the two TV sets that need recyling. (Glass bulbs; they're not worth anything.) The TVs will go sometime before the house hits the market. The tools will stay to help with upkeep, and won't make a Jeep-load when it's time to get them out.

Some other time, though. Not today.

* * *

Got up about ten minutes before Mrs. Fungus' alarm went off to hit the can; saw that it snowed last night. It melted perhaps half an hour later. They're predicting snow at the end of next week, but not much. We had a rather peculiar winter this year.

* * *

On my way home yesterday I was thinking that the stepladder was a decided improvement over the stepladders we have here in the bunker. I have two wooden stepladders which do not seem as sturdy as they ought to be, and I compared this one (fiberglas) to the wooden ones; the phrase "nice-ass ladder" came to mind, and then I was reminded of how horribly wrong a phrase can go if you misplace a hyphen. It's a nice-ass ladder, not a nice ass-ladder.

"What the hell is an 'ass-ladder' anyway?" I wondered aloud.

In any case, this nice-ass ladder will obviate the other two not-nice-ass wooden ones, which means they can go out with next week's trash.

Sometime in the coming week I'll be making a trip to Salvation Army with a load of stuff for donation, too. Got to get out in front of that garage; it's a mess.

* * *

I saved a stack of Christmas records, one of them being a disk titled Disco Noel. I have about ten months to get a working turntable so we can boogie it down this Christmas. Heh.

Worst case I can always grab the turntable from my old stereo, vintage 1981. The turntable is not the greatest but it will play records, and I've previously used it as a standalone turntable; it's just a matter of dismounting it, hacking together a power cord, and building some kind of case to contain it. Previously it was in a shallow box I cobbled together out of a piece of plywood and some scrap 1x2 lumber we had laying around, but I threw that away years ago; anyway it doesn't need something made by a professional cabinetmaker and with a little planning ahead I can probably do better than my prior effort. For one thing, I have better tools now.

* * *

And, chores to do today, as well. Not a problem. Minor ones, around the house, here, nothing really strenuous or time-consuming.

Suppose I may as well get after 'em.

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