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#5481: No title, no unifying theme, just stuff I'm saying today.

JayG dusts off his non-work blog and raises a point about the usual media double standard.
Interesting that it's brought up after the election, given that Hillary Clinton not only didn't serve, but by being female, she didn't even have to worry about the draft. Or, is it possible that there are only certain times and circumstances that military service means anything? Like, say, depending on the political affiliation of the person in question.
Nah! You're crazy!

* * *

Like Francis Porretto, I have been saying this for years. The left doesn't have facts on its side. All it has is lies and insults, propaganda and histrionics, violence and bullying.

That's all it's had for a very, very long time.

* * *

Clock has now been ticky for more than 18 hours without missing a tick, and Mrs. Fungus was charmed by the chiming it makes. It's quiet enough that it doesn't resound through the house.

* * *

Working on job hunting. It's been three weeks since I lost my job. What a pain in the ass.

Still, I'm finding some good-looking positions, things which could conceivably use all my skills, rather than a small handful of them. Applying, of course. Trying to average about three per day; though I don't always hit that number every day I have some days where I'll do 4 or 5, which offset the days where I do 1 or 2. But I press on, knowing that one of them is going to score me a job, but I won't find anything if I don't keep applying.

Thus, we flourish.

* * *

Dreary day today. Warm (lower sixties) but cloudy, looking like rain--they say there's a possibility of thunderstorms this evening. We'll see.

Same weather report says 3-5 inches of snow this weekend. Again, we'll see.

* * *

While cleaning junk out of my old bedroom I found my old Dustbot. I haven't dug out any C-cells to see how well the old Hired Girl wannabe works, but as I recall it was marginally effective at cleaning glitter off a tabletop without falling off.

(Watch the video at the first link. Reminds me of Blingtron 5000 from WoW: if two Blingtron 5000s are placed within a certain distance of each other, they'll get into a fight.)

I was going to take some pics and toss it, but Mrs. Fungus said it was "cute" and wanted to keep it. Well, it doesn't take up much room, anyway.

Only reason I bought it? Heinlein's Door Into Summer and the Hired Girl robot the main character built. A robot for cleaning floors! It's a robotic vacuum cleaner!


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