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#5484: Well, that's just spiffy.

So, let's recap the last 28 hours.

Multiple power failures yesterday due to the high winds. No problem there.

While outside having a gander at the power lines, to see which fuses were blown, I noticed that one bole on the maple tree out front was looking mighty dead, and thought, "That's going to have to come down before it breaks off and causes havoc."

So: yesterday Mrs. Fungus and I went to see a production of Sweeny Todd, and it was an excellent show. Not having time for a sit-down meal, or to cook, we hit White Castle for burgers on the way home, because it's what she wanted.

I ordered 15, shouldn't have ordered more than 6, and ate 9. She went to bed at 12:30, and I stayed up in a futile attempt to write something. Ended up going to bed about 3, and then she kicked me out of bed at 5 because my snoring had become stentorian. After that, I was awake until after 8, because I didn't want to disturb her sleep, could not get comfortable on the sofa, and I'd begun to get some pretty bad gas pains. There is a reason I only have White Castle once in a very long while. (It's been at least 3 years. I'm good for another 2 or 3 at least.)

I flopped after her alarm went off, and ended up sleeping until after 2, waking up from this bizarre nightmare where I was about 12 and working with some friends on a plan to win the local science fair by blowing up the Moon...only my father had this evil henchman who was bound and determined to make sure I was well-disciplined and didn't get out of line, and when I beat him at some kind of mech combat game that enraged him enough that he was going to torture me so I'd know who's boss.

It was pretty weird.

Anyway, woke up from that with my tonsils hurting and my mouth feeling dry as Mars, because I'd apparently been breathing through my mouth the entire time. After a trip to the pharmacy to get my wife's RXes, my tonsils still hurt, and I wonder if I'm coming down with a cold.

Long story short: happened to look up at that tree on my way into the house, and saw that the bole I'd been worried about was now broken off and looming dangerously over the house.

Me: motherfucker.

I looked it over, from as many angles as seemed safe--they call those things "widowmakers" for a reason--and determined that while I probably could get a rope around the thing and drag it down, it looked very likely that when I broke the bottom end loose, it would kick out and go right through the west wall of the master bedroom. And if I broke the top end loose, it would swing down and smash itself into the roof, likely causing some kind of damage there.

This log is at least 8" in diameter. I am not going to risk leaving it there.

So, I looked up the number of the tree service which took the other trees out of the front yard lo these many years ago, and asked them to send someone. I hope it doesn't cost too much.


* * *

To get $1 of new GDP we must now issue $4 of new debt. Financing GDP expansion by running the printing presses has reached the point of diminishing returns; in fact it hit that point several years ago. Plus side, we're still at a net positive even if it is vanishingly small. There will come a point at which issuing debt destroys GDP. $5 says the D.C. elites will want to continue spending money we don't have even after we hit that point.

* * *

When I call a group "a bunch of communists" I am not joking, nor am I engaging in hyperbole. Look at this line from a blockquote about how YOU! can support "International Womens' Day": "Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman". As the post dryly observes, "What a perfect color for this year's International Womens' Day: red. The color of the revolution."

But hey: This photo looks like it came right out of 1974. Anyone who supports this day is a communist, though, so that's not surprising, and the femnists find it necessary to tell men not to "mansplain" or anything, because sexism.

Just remember, these people consider themselves to be a hell of a lot smarter than you are even as they're saying amazingly inane and fatuous things like "women birth half the population". Where does the other half come from? Abiogenesis? Clone tanks? Binary fission?

I mean, I get that my understanding of biology predates the postmodern period, so I have been taught to believe that the female half of the species bears all young. Perhaps this is in error. Maybe, sometime in the last two or three decades, someone discovered that no, the human female is not the sole source of babies. Maybe we have vast farms of human babies or something, churning out kids, freeing feminists from the tyranny of their wombs.

Well, just to make sure, I looked up "where to babies come from" on Googe and I don't see any mention of any new science on the matter. Looks like human babies still come out of human females. There's no abiogenesis or binary fission or cloning or anything else; we're stuck with the old sperm fertilizing egg making zygote thing. Which means that women birth the entire population, not just half of it.

Then again, you can't be a useful idiot if you're not an idiot.

* * *

Yet another check mark in the "bring back DDT NOW" column. "On the heels of Zika comes its deadlier relative yellow fever", goes the headline. Yeah.

Zika, yellow fever, malaria--there's quite a list of mosquito-borne illnesses and DDT keeps the mosquito population down. You do the math.

* * *

Fred Reed is usually pretty good, but here he misses the mark.

I don't identify as "alt-Right", but where Fred makes his mistake here is equating it with white supremacy, which it is not. The alt-Right is nationalist, to the extent that it believes that diversity plus proximity equals war: whenever you comingle ethnicities that have no interest in forming a common culture, you will have conflict. Witness how bitter the infighting is among the racially-similar sects of islam.

But the alt-Right does contend that there are racial differences in IQ, something Fred is not denying, either, as he points out that asians are, on average, smarter than whites. And most members of the alt-Right will agree with that, because it's a scientific fact.

...that's the part which is okay; what's not politically correct is when you start saying that whites are smarter than other races, like blacks. That gets you in trouble. Even though it's got just as much scientific weight behind it as the "asians smarter than white" thing does.

Well, that's how it goes, I suppose.

* * *

Secondhand smoke isn't as bad as the fearmongers suggest. Which is what folks like me have been saying all along; there's just no way a whiff of smoke can possibly be as bad for you as actually smoking the tobacco, and that's what some of these lunatics have been contending.

* * *

We have an EPA chief who actually knows the difference between what we know and what we think we know. Awesome.

* * *

Being able to fix stuff is a useful skill. Like Karl Denninger, I fix my own stuff wherever I possibly can, and it saves a ton of money.

* * *

Oh truth is so important to the New York Times but they still haven't repudiated their coverup of the Holodomor, for which one of their reporters won a Pulitzer in 1932. Hey, Times, if you want to get even the remotest beginning of the truth, you must first stop lying.

* * *

"Saves a ton of money"--that branch will cost $475 to have a tree service take it down. Well, can't do it myself without risking severe damage to the house. *sigh*

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