atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#548: Planned Parenthood in Aurora, IL

Well, according to this article on WND my fervent hope is being realized, at least to some extent.

The people involved with this imbroglio seem to have only passing familiarity with the concept of truth:
"I want to assure you that Planned Parenthood was open and truthful throughout the extensive permitting process and continues to welcome the cooperation of the City of Aurora," the letter said. That's even though Trombley told the Chicago Tribune the group left its name off the application because it did not want people to know its plans.
"Trombley" refers to Steve Trombley, president of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area.

In other words, they were telling the truth and being open...while hiding the nature of their business from the City of Aurora and its citizens. As I said in my prior discussion of the subject, it belies the arrogance typical of some people: "We know what's best for you. Your opposition to what we want to do is only the result of benighted ignorance or outright evil, so anything we do to accomplish our goals is perfectly fine, because nothing must stand in the way of this."

Living, as I do, in the Chicago area, I can say with authority that the issue is not being discussed much in the local media. Certainly no one is discussing the fact that Planned Parenthood has lied to get a slaughterhouse "clinic" built in a place where the locals were likely to reject having it built.

If abortion is such a popular "civil right", why does Planned Parenthood have to lie and cheat? The article says that this is not the first time something like this has happened; apparently it happened in Denver, and all this resulted from construction delays when a PP "clinic" was under construction in Austin, Texas.

I wonder how these people at Planned Parenthood would feel if a power company lied on its zoning and permit application to build a nuclear power plant under false pretenses? You can bet that story would see serious play in the local papers.

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