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#5486: People are such friggin' idiots

So, I go to the comics web site to get a gander at the funnies, and this accosts me:


I've been reading Garfield ever since it appeared in syndication. I have the first two treasuries of the strip, autographed by Jim Davis. After my sister got a couple of cats and the male one showed an inordinate fondness for Mom's lasagna--

There has never been any question in my mind that Garfield was male. And if you have read the strip, you see countless indications that Garfield is male (and self-identifies as male). Like the large number of strips that end with the punchline, "We're BACHELORS, baby!" Always delivered by Garfield himself.

Garfield has a girlfriend, Arlene. Again, there are innumerate references to their relationship being a romantic one, and Arlene was introduced long before it was chic to have openly gay characters. In any case, Garfield is astonishingly, refreshingly apolitical, and has remained so during its entire run.

Then, the animation, in which Jim Davis had considerable influence. Garfield was voiced by a man. If Garfield were female, why would that happen? Studio executives forcing the issue?

The notion that there was ever a debate--"great" or otherwise--about Garfield's sex is nothing but SJW horseshit.

* * *

When Democrats propose a bill that will screw up health insurance: "We have to pass it to find out what's in it.</a>

When Republicans propose a bill to fix the Democrat mess, "We deserve to know what's in it before it's passed."

Gee, a hypocritical Democrat. Who could have seen that coming.

* * *

On the risibility of the American "resistance". The penultimate paragraph sums it all up nicely, but do read it all. "You didn't like the results of an election--and want to pretend it is illegitimate, because you don't want to do the hard work of rebuilding a constituency...."

* * *

High speed fail. California would better have spent that money on improving its flood control infrastructure. But you see, all the politicians out there are convinced that global warmenation is unstoppable and it's going to cause unending drought, don'tcha know, so it's pointless to worry about dams when it won't ever rain again thanks to man-made CO2 and so on.

* * *

Snowfall, too, is a thing of the past. That 25-foot snowdrift is just weather, so remember that soon we'll see the last of snow, unless you give up your SUV and central heating and go live in a cave.

* * *

I needed this at my last job. Specifically I needed one that said "Don't tell me how to use the computer." Shit, people there insisted on telling me how to operate the computer. "Click there! Click that. Enter your ID number. Click--" It's like, dude, I've been using computers since before you were born, so stop telling me how to operate the damned thing.

* * *

The original earworm, linked because of the LOLbrain at the top.

* * *

Wow, the butthurtedness is strong with this one. If the book were titled Reasons to Vote for Republicans he would be saying exactly the opposite, and he's upset someone on his side didn't think of it first.


* * *

Ended up rereading Maison Ikkoku, and laughing at all the things I always laugh at. What a good story it is.

Besides that--

The other night, when I met Mrs. Fungus for dinner, there was this song playing in the background when I hit the can.

I returned to our table.

I said, "Dear, I am reliably informed that first, there was a mountain, then there was no mountain, then there was. I apologize that I'm not sure what prompted the oscillitory nature of the mountain's existence."

This song:

Then I saw this comment and laughed: "Quit fucking around and put the mountain back, we're gonna get in trouble."


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