atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5487: They say it will snow soon. I will believe it when I see it.

Now, there was that brief period late in 2016 where it snowed a lot, a couple of days running, but all that snow melted before Christmas, and what snow we've had since then has melted almost immediately. The other day (last week?) I got up around 9-ish, to a frosting of snow on the grass, but it melted within half an hour.

The way the forecast has been fluctuating, I'm not sure they really know what's going on, but the forecast of snow for Monday has remained fairly constant even as the amount expected has not. The way this winter has been, though, I fully expect this will be its last gasp.

* * *

In an effort to ensure California never has a chance of voting Republican ever again, the state wants to lower the voting age there to 17. I maintain that if you think a 17-year-old is able to make a rational decision on whom to vote for, the same 17-year-old is similarly able to make rational decisions about smoking, drinking, owning property, getting married, and military service.

If, however, you do not believe that a 17-year-old should be allowed to do any of those other things, then voting ought to be right out. Voting is not a right; it's a privilege, and has (thus far) correctly been confined to adulthood.

Democrats don't believe that 17-year-olds have, until now, been unfairly denied the franchise. Democrats want 17-year-olds to be allowed the vote because teenagers reliably vote Democrat.

* * *

Did you see this? Lefties like to think that all the technical excellence resides on their side of the aisle, but it's not so. Heh.

37 hours. It lasted 37 hours before the /pol/fags at 4chan took it down. Hilarious.

("/pol/fags": at least on /b/, on 4chan every group gets "fags" added to its identifier. So people who play WoW would be "WoWfags". But members of /b/ are "/b/tards" so maybe it'd be "/pol/tards" instead. I don't know. I don't care. This parenthetical digression is over.)

* * *

We're in a depression that never ended, people.

* * *

Today is the first day of Daylight Saving time, which I hate.

* * *

Even shale oil can be profitable at $40 per barrel, and that's the main takeaway I have from that article. Meanwhile it's kicking Saudi Arabia's (and, by extension, OPEC's) ass. What's not to like?

* * *

When I was fixing the clock, last week, I needed to make a jumper, to connect the battery's negative terminal to the movement frame. I used a couple of alligator clips and a hunk of bell wire; total time to fabricate, about five minutes--but it gave me a hankering to do more soldering and fixing of stuff. WTF.

* * *

Yesterday was a near-total loss. Today was, too.

I managed, yesterday, to clean up the computer room, and get rid of a shelving unit which has been offensive to Mrs. Fungus. Neatened up things a bit. But otherwise I did nothing but flop.

Same, then, today. Mrs. Fungus wasn't feeling well and stayed home from work, and we ended up sleeping an additional six hours after her alarm went off. I managed the trip to the store I had intended for yesterday, but only barely.

* * *

I'll tell you what, though: every time I hear that clock strike the hour, or the half-hour, I smile.

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