atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5488: Snow!

It actually snowed, and it stuck, and we have snow on the ground, and it's still flurrying, with more predicted for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the east coast got the big snow job, and as far as I'm concerned, they can have it. They delight in snowing the rest of us--

* * *

Water wars coming to California? Why not? The LA basin is a suibtropical desert and absent billions of dollars' worth of infrastructure--and given a spot of good weather--it could not support the millions of people who live in it.

Southern California consumes a vast amount of water, much more than is naturally available. They're depleting the aquifers because they insist on living a rainforest lifestyle in a desert. At the same time they utterly refuse to do anything about improving their infrastructure so that their lifestyle is sustainable.

"Water wars" = "third world country", you know.

* * *

An exemption for religious or political freedom sounds just fine to them, until you frame it correctly.

Q: Should a muslim be forced to sing an Easter song?
A: No!
Q: Should a dress designer have to make dresses for Melania Trump?
A: No!!
Q: Should a Christian photographer have to take pictures at a gay wedding?
A: Well, erm, uh....

* * *

Amazingly enough, as soon as you tie welfare to work, welfare rolls decline. Maine tied food stamps to employment: to receive them, the recipient must either get a job or certify he is looking for work. Maine subsequently dropped some 9,000 people from their food stamp rolls because they refused to look for work.

* * *

I have found that WalMart regularly sells Pepsi products in six packs of the 16oz bottles for $2.50. (Unless, by some massive coincidence, the past two times I went there they just happened to have them on sale.)

Naturally, the nearest one is a 20-minute drive from the bunker. *sigh*

* * *

At 1:26, we have wisdom for the ages:

"Brakes aren't for winners, but brakes do stop you from hitting trees. And other obstacles."

I do enjoy this guy's videos, once in a while.

* * *

Last night I finally dug into the computer Og wants to use as his game machine. It's only been sitting around the bunker since late 2015. In my favor, Og has been too busy to do anything gaming related, so there was no pressure.

But I hooked it up and checked it out. Turned out to have Linux on it; with no password there was no way in hell I could do anything useful, and anyway Og doesn't want to spend his spare time administring Linux, so I reinstalled Win 7 Home Premium on it. Worked fine.

Ran the Windows Experience thingy and it says the slow part is video, at 4.1. I mean, crimony, on a scale of 1-7.9 the processor and memory score 7.1! That 4.1 was registered with the on-board video! This thing may not need a video card, but I'm going to install one anyway. Ought to make quite a nice rig.

* * *

Happened to see that you can watch the original MacGyver on Netflix. Wow.

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