atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5491: Lake-effect snow!

For the past several hours, the weather outside has alternated between sunny and blizzard. Typical for lake-effect snow.

The bunker is under twenty miles from Lake Michigan (about 18 miles SSW, as the crow flies) but the conditions for lake-effect snow have to be just right. It's not very common here.

After the last post I fired up the massive snowblower and it made short work of the driveway; the snow squalls that have been coming through since haven't been enough to cover it again.

Love the electric start. The way my shoulder has been aching the past couple of months, I didn't fancy having to pull-start anything.

If this were to happen next week, after the vernal equinox, I'd watch it snow and listen to "Spring Ain't Here" by the Pat Metheny Group; but since it's still technically winter, no. But I do like to watch it snow.

* * *

Some leftists eventually realize what they're supporting, and switch sides. The ones who are capable of self-criticism do, eventually.

* * *

Ten reasons not to be ashamed of being white. You know, that kind of ties into the last link, now that I think about it.

The anti-white racism we see coming out of the bastions of leftism is yet another attempt at stomping on human faces forever.

* * *

Suddenly, there is blue sky and sunlight again.

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