atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5492: Sweeney Todd!

So, here's how today went.

Liking the production of Sweeney Todd so much, Mrs. Fungus found a set of matinee tickets, much less than we paid for our first set, and they were front row, dead center. No, I don't understand why those seats were available, but they were, and we were at the theater today at 1:10 for the 1:30 showing.

Enjoyed it thoroughly.

So then, after the show, she wanted to buy souvenirs, so we got a pair of genuine "Sweeny Todd" pint glasses. And the person selling the merchandise, a very nice woman, asked us how we liked the show.

Mrs. Fungus told her that this was our second time seeing it.

"Oh, do you know someone in the show?"

"No, we just really like it! We were thinking of seeing if there were any tickets available for tonight's show."

...and then this really kind, kind woman offered us the courtesy tickets she received as an employee of the place, as no one she knew wanted them. Basically we got a comped viewing. End result: we've seen Sweeney Todd in the theater three times, and once on TV, in a single week.

And they were good seats, too, a bit to stage left of the centerline of the theater, a bit less than halfway back.

So, have a little priest:

Only runs through the 19th. We wanted to buy the soundtrack CD, but they'd sold out of them.

The montage:

Even better: as we were collecting ourselves to go get dinner, after the matinee had ended, we were fortunate enough to meet Paul-Jordan Jansen, who played Sweeney Todd. Shook his hand and complimented him on his performance.

...grabbed some grub, went back to the theater, and saw it again. Holy crap what a day!

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