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#5496: I share his sentiment.

The one at the top of this AoSHQ post.

Wanted to have this shirt while working at the shithole. Pity I didn't.

* * *

As far as I'm concerned, this is a mark in Trump's favor. LA Times sez that if Trump gets his way and cuts off funding for the NEA, we won't get more shows like Hamilton.

I am okay with this.

* * *

Guess what? When you live in a land ruled by savages, you'd better follow their rules. Short form:
...[A] couple--a South African man and his Ukranian fiancee--have been arrested for having sex outside marriage, which is illegal in the United Arab Emirates:
"Mr Culverwell's mother has pleaded for their release, saying[,] '[T]he only thing they did wrong was fall in love.'" (That's a quote, but I edited it a bit to correct the fuckin' grammar. Edits in brackets, as is correct for editing a quote.)

* * *

Once again, pertaining to dark matter, I am not alone.
One Reason Might Be Because It Isn't There
Dark matter is a fascinating, frustrating scientific mystery. Astronomers claim that much of it forms halos surrounding galaxies, yet "no one has ever seen this material or been able to study it". Hence, anticipation accompanied delivery of the "Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer - 02" to the International Space Station in May 2011. Although a goal was to discover this elusive stuff, nothing conclusive has been found. Dark matter supposedly explains gravitational effects, which suggests the merit of analyzing colliding galaxies because gravitational dragging should distort those halos. However, such behavior was not detected; what happened was consistent without the supposed presence of dark matter. A recently-concluded, highly-sensitive and anticipated "Large Underground Xenon" experiment failed to detect a single trace of dark matter. With these and other consistently negative findings, why should we believe this material exists?
Dark matter is a deduction from a mathematical model, not an actual obervation. Rather like deducing the presence of as grizzly bear from the footprints of a rabbit supposedly frightened by it.
I've got a good deal of respect for Michael Flynn; he's a writer of actual SF and can tell a hawk from a handsaw.

* * *

The replacement headlight for Mrs. Fungus' car arrived the other day.

Earlier this month she hit something on the way home from work. It can't have been anything too solid or massive as all that really happened was the headlight got smashed. There's a yellow mark on the bumper and a crease in the hood; also the tip of the fender got bent. Probably less than $500 worth of damage, all told; I'm going to coax the sheetmetal as straight as I can and replace the headlight unit and call it good.

But we needed a headlight; and so I went to Ebay for one. It cost $45 shipped and came with all bulbs pre-installed. Dang, can't complain about that.

Now I just need a day with reasonable weather when she doesn't need to use the car and we don't have 50,000 other things to do.

* * *

Last night was the traditional corned beef for dinner. Mrs. Fungus asked me (via text) if I wanted to get a pizza, and I said, "No, we're having corned beef and cabbage," which just about made her day.

Well, it's a good meal, it is, and we enjoyed it. I've now cooked it enough that I didn't even need to look at a recipe; just got the weight of the cut of corned beef off the package, and off I went. Came out delicious.

* * *

One of John C. Wright's spec-fic magazine cover extravaganzas. I had to grab this one, because you know that guy has just said, or is about to say, "Oh, dick!"


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