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#5497: Yes, if you don't subsidize something, you get less of it.

This is a feature, not a bug, for lots of people.

I don't think the federal government should fund Planned Parenthood. They make plenty of money as it is, by doing abortions and selling baby parts.

* * *

This. The CAFE standard was enacted at a time before we could get oil out of shale. There's no reason for it to be set at 54.5 MPG other than Obama loved to put on his face-stompin' boots.

As it is, vehicles are prohibitively expensive. There's a lot of excess gagetry that the modern car has in it which it doesn't need (built-in cellular Internet, for example) but as the article points out, things like dual fuel injection systems and 10-speed transmissions also do not help one whit.

To get the fuel economy, manufacturers need to reduce the size of engines. But people won't pay $35,000 for a new car which has the performance of a 1973 Pinto, so they make up for it with the 10-speed transmission. A semi can haul 20, 30 tons of freight without an impossibly large engine because they typically have a 5- or 8-speed gearbox attached to a range splitter and a hi/lo selector. (They're also complicated to drive.) This is the theory driving the 10-speed transmission in automobiles and pickup trucks. And it's stupid.

I agree that the fuel economy of your vehicle should be your choice: if you want a gas-guzzling tank, go for it. If you want an Elio or a Smart ForTwo, go ahead. It should be up to you, not the federal government.

* * *

Other countries like to use the US as a dumping ground for their criminals. Apparently some 30 countries are refusing to accept deportations of their citizens after they've committed serious crimes in the US.

Vox Day has the correct remedy:
If a country doesn't accept its own repatriated citizens, the God-Emperor [Trump] would be wise to refuse entry to all citizens from that country until it does. Why not throw in a 100 percent tariff on all trade goods from that country while we're at it?
And throw the deportees into Guantanimo until their countries accept them back.

That "Guantanimo" bit also helps in case uppity judges, fake Americans ignoring the Constitutional limits of their powers, issue injunctions against Trump's move to get these countries to take their criminals back as has happened with his most recent executive order regarding entry visas.

Vox Day is being nice about it, though. My first impulse was "firing squad".

* * *

In the "get out of my mind" department, we have the opening few minutes of Sweeney Todd. Entire stage is blacked out but for 2-3 members of the ensemble, at the front of the stage, lit by small foot spots (I think that's what they're called, like shining a flashlight at your chin while telling a ghost story?) singing the opening lines of "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd".

Then the whole ensemble starts in and the whole stage lights up red, and that 2-3 second bit is what's stuck in my head. I can't even be mad about it; it's dramatic and cool.

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