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#5500: It's been THIRTY YEARS, damn it

It was 1986, I think, when I took my first shots at radical feminism. I wrote a humor novel about a high school kid afflicted with the worst life has to offer, including a radical feminist mother and sister. I thought I was exaggerating humorously, but it was indeed another case of reality being stranger than fiction.

So the latest brouhaha is, apparently, feminists taking exception to Wonder Woman shaving her pits. My wife brought this to my attention, asking me why it was such a big deal. My response: "Honey, it's been about a thousand years since I stopped trying to understand the Stupid Bitch movement."

She laughed.

* * *

Well: two articles demanded that I whitelist their sites before I could read them. My response: close! As stated before, you cannot guarantee that the ads you serve will be malware-free, and even if I could definitively prove I got malware from an infected ad from your site, you would not take responsibility for it. So, fuck ya.

* * *

"Get ready for impeachment!" Only if Democrats win a majority in the House in 2018. Which, right now, is something I wouldn't bet on absent vote fraud on an unprecdented scale.

* * *

This is racism. Take this bigot's words: "Also white people are evil. Whiteness is evil." Change "white" to "black". "Also black people are evil. Blackness is evil." Now, is that racist? Well, if it is, why is her original statement not racist?

One of the comments sums it up best: "Keep humping that chicken, Ms. Witt, if you want MOAR Trump. This is how you got Trump in the first place."

* * *

If Trump is a "failed billionaire" I have to say I wouldn't mind being that kind of failure. I mean, he takes $40 million, parlays it into a $4 billion fortune, ends up President--this must be one of those leftist redefinitions that's only possible because of deconstructionism. Where "illegal alien" becomes "undocumented immigrant", "shoot all the pigs" becomes "black lives matter", "rich college kids rioting" becomes "resistance", something like that.
Some of their words make sense but simply don't compute, as when the Liberals describe President Trump as a "failed billionaire." The man flew everywhere in his own 757, he owned golf courses and hotels all over the world and before he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, lived in in a gold-encrusted four-story penthouse atop the gleaming skyscraper he owned overlooking Central Park.

So just what does "failed" billionaire mean? And how do I become one?
Please put my name after his. I could do with that level of failure in my life.

* * *

The whole "Corroding Empire" thing is a laugh and a half, and one commentor there brought up a point I hadn't considered:
The dimbulbs at Tor don't seem to understand that they've just given Castalia House a fortune in free publicity. I mention this all the time, and the dimbulbs (all over the place in publishing and elsewhere in the leftosphere) just keep doing it.
It's true, they did! And they never, never, ever listen when someone points out to them that they're not helping themselves, because they're convinced they're smarter than everyone else.


* * *

Next thing you know, they'll be complaining that Wonder Woman--an Amazon--hasn't cut off her right breast. WTF, it's a comic book for guys. Get some perspective.

...not possible, I know. What do you call a radical feminist with perspective?

I don't know! So far there's never been one.

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