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#5506: Doesn't look like they can take what they dish out

Vox Day links to a piece with photographs showing how "Black Bloc" protestors tried messing up a "Make America Great Again" rally.

The idea here is to make sure that the media can spin every pro-Trump rally as "violent", because of course the media will not report the truth, that a peaceful assembly only turned violent because leftist protestors showed up in masks to cause trouble and that--absent that element--nothing would have happened.

But what the "Black Bloc" idiots didn't reckon with is their victims fighting back. And I had to laugh at this one:

Guy looks like he's about to wet his pants because of the mean police dog barking at him.

* * *

Rachel Dolezal. Take her story--about being a black girl born in a white girl's body--and change all the racial dysphoria stuff to gender dysphoria, so that she feels like she's a man born in a woman's body.

That change makes her plight politically correct, and I don't understand why. (Actually, I do, kind of, but wait.)

We are told that we must accept and celebrate people who feel as if they are not what they are. The man who believes himself to be a woman, we are told, must be treated as if he is a woman. The 15-year-old girl, who wears bras and menstruates, is convinced she is a boy, and must be allowed to use the boys' locker room regardless of how it makes boys feel. (Recent story, can't find the link. Argh.) if a white woman identifies as black, who the hell are we to say she's a fraud? Using the logic that sex is a social construct, how is skin color not a social construct?

Well, the Latin phrase Cui bono? leads us to the answer.

Who benefits from sex being a social construct? Right now, leftists do. It's another wedge they can use to split the foundations of society, and it's another lever they can use to garner power for themselves. Leftists want, above all else, to eliminate the traditional ("nuclear") family, because traditional morals stand in the way of revolution.

Who benefits from race being a social construct, though? Think about it. Right now, in America, blacks are afforded a lot of benefits based solely on their skin color. There are all kinds of racial set-asides earmarked specifically for them. They have a political party catering to their whims in order to keep their votes.

And what happens if a white person can say, "Well, I'm a black person born in a white person's body! Fight the power!" and be taken seriously?

In that case, the entire edifice of preferences and quotas comes crashing down. There's a lot of money tied up in racial politics--a lot of money and power--and right now white people have no access to any of it. But if we have to take it seriously when a white person says, "I'm black! Where my free shit?" then suddenly everyone can get in on it, and the system breaks down.

There is a tangible economic advantage to being black; and the further into the whole tangled mess you delve, the more obvious it gets that Rachel Dolezal was made into an example because racial dysphoria must not be tolerated because of the threat it represents to the leftist gravy train.

That's the long and the short of it. Rachel Dolezal is a threat to the left's status quo and must be destroyed. Bruce Jenner must be treated with dignity because his condition helps the left.

That's what it comes down to.


Gadzooks I'd sure like to find that article. Some boys are distressed that there is a girl changing clothes in the locker room with them--a girl wearing a bra, no less, peeling down to her underwear to put on gym clothes--and she's there because she identifies as a boy.

School faculty tells parents, "Your bigoted kids can get used to it, or you can homeschool. Your choice."


...which is not to say that I agree that she should be considered "black" because she feels like she is. Fraud is fraud; my point is that anyone who insists that the gender dysphoric be taken seriously can't legitimately argue that the racial dysphoric is sick.

Not that they are deterred by hypocrisy.

* * *

Wait until this goofball finds out that 4Chan is everywhere. 4Channers took his dumb flag down 37 hours after he put it up in a supposed anonymous location; citing the fact that America is "unsafe" now he's taken it to England.

How pathetic can you get?

* * *

Extremely rich leftists vote to make their town a "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens, because otherwise there won't be cheap maids and waiters.
Lifelong Malibu resident Mikke Pierson, 57, a supporter of the resolution, said it's hard to imagine a Malibu without the many immigrants who toil there. That why expressing support for people who are in the country illegally is so important, he said.

"Heck...we would be paralyzed and no one's houses would be cleaned," the former surf shop owner said.
Yeah, why would you ever want to pay actual minimum wage when you can hire an illegal and pay less?

Self-aware, these people are not.

* * *

Considering what a shithole Cook County and City of Chicago are, this isn't even remotely surprising. Chicago is still on track to be the next Detroit. Give it a couple of decades.

* * *

Kim du Toit also won't whitelist. I feel vindicated.

And notice how smarmy the notice is: "We get it: you like to have control of your own Internet experience."

My response: You bet your ass I do. There isn't anything you can post on your site which makes it worth my while to disable my ad blocker. You can go fuck yourself if you don't like it.

* * *

Thanks to the latter link, I finally re-discovered Oglaf, which is decidedly NSFW but hilarious. So I lost my afternoon to reading up.

Oh well.

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