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#5509: Oh, YEAH, keep it up, guys.

The first libtard head to go all 'splody at Trump's environmental fixes is none other than Michael "Hindenburg" Moore.
Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump
That's from Twitter.

That's about the kind of reaction I was expecting to see when I posted about Trump restarting the Keystone pipeline. That picture--Micheal Moore is probably the one in the upper left corner, just about to go "sploot". (Incidentally, I'm not really sorry your head asplode. I was just being polite.)

...reining in an overweening EPA is not going to extinguish all human life on Earth. It's not even a good start on something like that. It's just commie-lib hyperbole.

* * *

DNC is purging its entire staff and starting over. Very interesting, that. It'll be even more interesting to see how the reformed DNC functions.

* * *

"I've taken too many questions from the 'kill babies not seals' crowd." California is going to prosecute the people who caught Planned Parenthood execs talking about how much money there is in the tissues of aborted babies on hidden camera.

See, there's a law in California against taping "private" conversations without all parties being aware of it. The abortionists didn't know they were being taped, while casually discussing how much money there is in human baby parts, and so the prosecutions.

Similar case: journalists, using hidden cameras, found evidence of animal abuse at a chicken farm. But of course California is not going to prosecute them even though the cases seem reasonably parallel. I mean, let's be honest, here: liberals will fight tooth and nail to protect animals and also fight tooth and nail to protect abortionists.

(Quote is from Neal Stephenson's The Big U.)

* * *

NASA spends $19 billion on its new Space Launch System, and 72% of that has been spent on "overhead". $13.68 billion has been spent on bureaucratic horseshit, leaving $7 billion for the companies which are actually making stuff.

This is why NASA needs to be out of the spacecraft business, and should just buy its launches from private organizations. Because ultimately, NASA exists to employ NASA bureaucrats.

* * *

This is probably the future for computing. I despair of describing, simply, the model this adheres to, but suffice it to say that eventually we'll carry our computers with us and dock them when at home or work. It'll be pretty cool.

* * *

So, Arse Technica posted a review of Scalzi's latest extrusion, and of course it's a glowing review; I nodded sagely and closed the link, having had none of my expectations unfulfilled. As noted sometime last year--probably when they reviewed Underground Airline--it's always easy to tell when a book is going to suck: Arse Technica gives it a glowing review.

Vox Day noticed something I did not, however. The reviewer in question--while her blurb mentions that she has a book coming out in 2017--didn't mention that Tor is publishing her book. Tor, which is the same publisher that publishes Scalzi's work.

Eh, well, you know. "Conflict of interest" only applies to right-wingers, right?

* * *

As for me, a crapton of things to do today. Better get after 'em.

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