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#5511: Done--mostly.

Stupid Illnois.

Today I finally got around to hauling from the basement the electronics recycling I've wanted to be rid of; also the two TVs from Dad's house, both glass bulbs, both absolutely obsolete and undonatable. One didn't even work.

The console TV came apart pretty easily, even though my drill ran out of juice at the 60% mark. I managed to eke the rest of the disassembly out of the thing by letting it sit for a bit between screws. Eventually I got the front panel off, the circuit board out, and the CRT removed. Threw those bits into the truck and demolished the cabinet with the BFH, and put the cabinet chunks into the trash can. That'll go out tonight.

Loaded up the computers, printer, and other junk, headed to the Monee see there was no longer a dropoff point there for e-waste.

Me: Motherfucker.

So I dragged out my phone and did a quick Internet search--this LG Stylo 2V is fast--and found that the only way to get rid of the TV is to wait until Wednesday of next week, then take it to Peotone.


Fine. Returned to the bunker, off-loaded the e-waste, and on-loaded the donatables. Hit the shower, hit the road; delivered the donations into the hands of the Salvation Army, to do with as they please, and then stopped at Jewel for cat medicine.

See: Bosco has been peeing a lot. He's 13, so we took him to the vet, expecting bad news--but it turns out he's diabetic, which is eminently treatable. Nothing else wrong with him; he's healthy as a horse otherwise.

So I've since learned how to inject a cat with insulin, and today I picked up the insulin and syringes. Cat takes human insulin, which costs TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FREAKING DOLLARS PER BOTTLE thanks to the fact that the medical industry is not beholden to price-fixing laws the way other industries are. Besides, Obamacare.

Plus side: cat may require as much as 2 or 3 units per day. The bottle contains 1,000 units. Everyone's telling me (off the record) that'll be good for six months. (Expiration date is 28 days from first draw from the vial.)

But fuck, even so. It's insulin, something we've known how to synthesize for a very, very long time. I expect we'll find a cheaper alternative before we need to buy another bottle, though. Not sure why vet prescribed the most expensive insulin possible, but I'd wager there's something else that'll do the job for a bit less.

Tomorrow will be his first injection of the stuff. I'll take him to the vet and give him the shot; then they'll monitor his blood glucose and see how he does. That'll tell us how much insulin he needs per shot, and so on. And then, every day--at least once, and probably twice--I'll have to shoot the cat.

* * *

I'll have to go to the house at least one more time, to let the cleaning people in (the folks that'll shine the place up and make it sparkly for prospective buyers) and when I do that, I've got a couple things I want to put in the storage locker: my window AC, and a couple of bits of furniture we have knocking around here that we don't use. (One chair is already in the garage, for crying out loud.) The locker itself is almost full now, and there's only a bit of space left. I could stretch the point a bit by stacking some boxes atop the dining table we got from Dad's house, between its legs; but otherwise that unit is full and won't take much more.

But that's next week.

Right now, I'm going to relax. I have another early day tomorrow, and I don't feel like doing one damned thing more today. I mean, I drove 160+ miles today. F it.

* * *

This is the logical endgame of allowing people to choose their bathrooms based on how they identify. You can't ask a man what he's doing in the womens' bathroom any longer, not without being INTOLERANT BIGOT! Makes you kind of uncomfortable, doesn't it, lady?

You made that bed, asshat. Enjoy laying in it.

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