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#5513: The--but--it's--I mean--wha?

Planned Parenthood making money by selling suckers shaped like a caricature of Trump's head. $6 each.

So, suck on Trump's head if you like abortions? What?

Every time I think those people can't get weirder....

But I guess since they're not going to get federal funding any longer, they have to figure out new revenue streams. Incidentally, notice please that ceasing the flow of federal dollars to Planned Parenthood is the equivalent of taking all health care away from women.

Never trust anyone who cannot tell you about something without finding the most shocking way of delivering the news. People who can deal only in hyperbole are trouble.

* * *

I think Ace has it right here:
By the way, "Cis people" have a "tendency to center themselves in the transgender experience" only to the extent you will not leave us the fuck alone in making demands that we pretend you're your new whimsically-chosen sex.

Stop "centering" us in your hot sexual confusion mess and Shanghaing us into your game of make-pretend and then we'll stop "centering" ourselves in it too.
Yeah, that.

* * *

Going to Japan? You MUST visit the Tomb of Jesus Christ!


I mean, ...

"..." is what you say when you are too gobsmacked for "WTF" to get across just how gobsmacked you are. Holy crap.

It turns out that the "Jesus Christ" stuff is an add-on to a local festival, which was tacked on sometime around 1935. Basically, it's a tourist trap.

I'm not offended by this; far from it. I'm just kind of dumbfounded at the cheekiness it takes to do something like this.

Then again, Japan is not a Christian nation, and most people there know very little about the life of Jesus Christ. Christmas is mainly a secular holiday, Easter not observed, and Japanese Christians are few and far between.

So, what the heck. You never know; this might prompt some people to learn the truth about Christ, and could end up saving a few souls. "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

* * *

As for me, job-hunting around other things these past couple of weeks. An app here, an app there. The effort is frustrating, because looking at the job sites, I see an exciting opportunity, only to consult my notes and see that it's something I applied for previously; or reading the "requirements", there ends up being something that puts it right out of my reach. "Wow, this job would be a great fit! ...if only I were also a Navy-certified welder." Of course, the inevitable rejections are dispiriting, even though they are inevitable and expected. It's depressing to talk about; it makes me feel like a complete loser.

Still, I soldier on. Every day I review my searches. Two apps in today. None yesterday, one the day before; a total of four in the last week--and the one the prior day was for a part-time job, I realized after finishing the application. "Part time" is no good, damn it.

Well, it could be a lot worse, couldn't it?

* * *

Googe's doodle of the day is a contest winner:

"A Peaceful Future", it's called.

Sure it is. Until the girl in the crescent moon shirt puts on a burqa and sets off her explosive vest.

* * *

Monty, this week, has been a serious of jokes about his attempt to use a windmill for his electrical needs.

After a week's worth of jokes about the unreliability of windmill power:

I can guarantee you that if we did all have to have our own individual power generation systems, and if there were a nuclear option, everyone would go nuclear. Because of cost, convenience, and safety.

* * *

Took Bosco to the vet this morning. No news yet. In a few minutes I have to run to the store; a fiver says the vet will call while I'm waiting for my wife's prescriptions to be filled. Fun! So much fun! How's a man to cope?

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