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#5515: Damn, that feels GOOD

For the first time since losing my job, I actually wrote something. Added seven pages to Apocalyptic Visions, and I have now reached a point where we are within perhaps ten pages of having the shooting start. Yeah.

But at what cost? I put Mrs. Fungus to bed sometime after midnight, and I've been sitting here banging keys ever since. It's six in the freaking morning. *sigh*

Well, what the hey. I have to remind myself that when I'm writing fiction I am actually working.

Oh, I would love it so much if I could write for a living. Writing has rarely felt like work for me; there are some moments where I find myself having to research something, but the writing itself just does not feel like I'm working. That's why I have to remind myself that it is work.

This particular book--I suppose grinding through these first chapters is the closest writing comes to work for me. I want to skip to the fun parts; I almost did, tonight, until I realized how tantalizingly close I am to them. And every time I add something to the story, I realize that whatever it was, it fits as if precision machined, even if its something I didn't plan on.

Like tonight: there is a spy in the command staff, and only tonight did I realize who the spy was--and holy shit, it was foreshadowed and everything.

But I'm starting to set up the conflict that drives the middle third of the book and results in the second interstellar war. And I suspect this story is going to be so good it's going to make me want to punch myself in the face.

I hope so. I hope it sells, too, when it's time for submission. Because if this one sells, then $RELEASE_CANDIDATE_ONE (suppose I should stop calling it that) is the logical next one, isn't it?

* * *

As expected, the companies fracking oil from shale can make a profit even when oil is $30 a barrel. That is the power of free enterprise. You place unnecessary constraints on it at your own peril.

* * *

This is a very bad thing. Energy production in the United States fell in 2016, by 4%.

You do realize, don't you, that the only way energy use declines is if the economic activity which drives energy use declines?

* * *

Well, it's way too early in the friggin' morning for any of the blogroll to have updated--these are all leftovers from yesterday--so I'll go to bed now, thanks.

Before I do, I'll leave you with this, which embeds the least satisfying video in the world.

You will find, on YouTube, videos showing things which are supposed to be visually pleasing; and in most cases, they are pretty satisfying to see. This particular video turns that meme on its head.

I laughed out loud at a few of them.

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