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#5516: I haven't got anything coherent.

Gee, hypocrisy from Democrats. How unusual. Mike Pence and his wife have some perfectly reasonable rules governing their marriage, and as usual the left is trying to portray it as somehow deviant and weird. Because that's all they've got.

That's not terribly surprising, considering that Democrats hold up the Clintons as the exemplar of a happily married couple: he's a creepy molester can't keep it in his pants, and she seems to have a lesbian lover, but Pence is weird because he won't have dinner alone with a woman who is not his wife?

And if this rule didn't exist and he did that, these self-same people would be crowing about how Pence is unfaithful to his wife. You know that.

* * *

Related: Bill Maher is an idiot, but even a stopped clock is right every so often.

And Hillary Clinton will never be President. WIN.

* * *

I have no idea what's going on here. Japanese nurse goes above and beyond to keep her patient happy. NO this is not pr0n; it's entirely safe for work.

It is a bit surreal in spots, though.

* * *

"Parameters", for those of you who can't decipher it. I don't know what language that is (or even if it is one) but I know enough about computers that I was able to extract the program logic and figure out what the result would be.

Of course, it's also a dead simple program. That helps.

* * *

Today I gave Bosco his second shot of insulin, and managed to jab myself with the needle before I got it into the cat. Well, there aren't too many diseases which a person can have which will cause a cat any trouble, anyway.

He gets one unit. One unit is hard to manage; these syringes have a maximum capacity of 0.3 ml and are calibrated in 0.01 ml increments, so "1" on the scale is one unit of insulin, or 0.01 ml. I'm pretty sure I'm getting the insulin under his skin, as it's not damp after I'm done, but it sure doesn't feel like it.

Well, practice makes perfect.

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