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#5518: Maybe not there yet.

Spent three hours writing a scene, because it was two very smart men in a verbal fencing match over who's going to be the boss "if and when". It was not easy. I'd write a line of dialogue, think about it, correct this or that bit, write another line, reread the scene, write another line--not at all the way I normally write dialogue.

Usually I can just go BANG BANG BANG and it's done. I've spent a lot of time honing my writing of dialogue; in my earliest days of writing I could tell right away that my dialogue was stiff and clunky. It took work, but I did it.

But this scene--well, when you have two men who are very smart, hard-driving political types, and well-experienced at negotiating without baldly spelling out their terms, it can take time for a dumb old simpleton like me to simulate that kind of fast-on-your feet thinking.

But, yeah. Next scene should be easier to write.

* * *

Meanwhile, Mrs Fungus is binge-watching Orange is the New L-Word Black and it's also distracting me. Oh well. It's her day off and she deserves to relax however she pleases.

* * *

No, Colin Kaepernick blackballed his own stupid ass. As the article makes plain, NFL teams can put up with a lot of nonsense from an athlete who performs on the playing field, but if you're a mediocre pro player, you'd better behave.
The amount of embarrassment your team is willing to put up with is directly proportional to your measured value in terms of how likely you are to get them into the Superbowl.
Kaepernick is not a bad player (I am told) but he's not good enough to make his PR baggage worth it.

* * *

This is the kind of result I would expect from a country in the middle of a depression.

* * *

Last night I picked up gyros for Mrs. Fungus and I. About the time I arrived at the gyro joint I thought of a fantastic line I wanted to use in the story. Of course, by the time I got home, I'd forgotten it. *sigh*

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